Performance with Rare Adventures

The day has come! After several days of rehearsals and refinement, the show is finally ready to be shown.

Pupils at Ydalir and Frydenlund primary school were greeted by the serving group, with muffins and hocus pocus juice that would make them see strange things. The children were taken further down to the adventure tunnel, which the scenography group has made. A bunch of actors stood statue in mysterious surroundings. The children thought it was exciting, but some also thought it was a little scary. It was an eager audience, who called for hilt and laughed out loud when the wolf was chased by the snow monster. The actors can thus say they are satisfied with the first two performances.

It's not just the actors who have had a lot to do today. The serving group has been up all day to get everything ready for the premiere dinner tonight. On the menu is roast beef, with subsequent dessert. Tania from the serving group has spent the day preparing the dining room, by washing and setting the table.

The week has been hectic, but it's nice to see that people are happy that we make extra good food and decorate the fireplace room.

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