Content production

On content production, you learn to create content on several platforms, together with some of the country's leading content producers. Whether you want to build your own or someone else's profile, you will learn techniques that make you visible.

Good to know


By building a profile, you can create value for something you are passionate about

  • Marketing in SoMe
  • Engaging communication and script writing
  • TikTok, Instagram and YouTube

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Collaboration with profiles

Halvor Thorsnes aka Kitchenjam is a teacher on the line. Through his network, you get to meet experienced content producers and profiles throughout the school year.

Study trips

Destinations that inspire

  • Ksamil – Europe's Maldives
  • Your choice - follow another line
  • Amsterdam and Berlin

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Become or build a profile

To be successful over time, you need to know what works. A good profile gives viewers value, is straight to the point and has high quality. On the line, we work both with profile blogging and concept, but also techniques and content production.

Profile building

  • Concept development and "market analysis" 
  • Storytelling, rhetoric. How to capture and hold the viewer's attention? 
  • TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. Which content goes to which channel?
  • Content genres for your profile: lifestyle, beauty, fashion, exercise, food, travel, trends, challenges, music, gaming?

Content production

  • Film, photo, sound and light 
  • Editing in Premier Pro, CapCut and Photoshop
  • UGC (User Generated Content) 
  • Entrepreneurship and marketing 
  • Pricing, budget and market analysis 
  • Journalism 
  • Podcast

In addition to creating content for your own profile, throughout the year we will work on producing content for profiles, companies and the school's accounts. In this way, you will develop your ability to find concepts, in addition to testing your creativity within various niches, which will provide good experience for the way forward.

Hvem vile du være?

Content production is often about standing out. what values ​​do you want or the profile you build front? How do you deal with the direct and relentless comment section? And not least, how are you going to manage to log out, when everyday life revolves around appearing online?

Together with source criticism, ethics and boundary setting, these will be themes during the year.


The teacher on the line is Halvor Thorsnes. In half a year, he built a TikTok account with over 60.000 followers and was signed as a profile for Egmont.

Halvor is a qualified lecturer in music, and uses his experience from the stage in engaging communication online. He goes about his work very thoroughly and is one of the first in the country to take the subject of content production on social media seriously. Halvor has a burning commitment to young people having the opportunity to work with what they want.

By sharing his experiences and his network, he will contribute to increased quality and a good ethical standard for what fills our feed. Halvor's friends and colleagues from the industry will give you an insight into what a career as a content producer can look like.

On the Content Production line, you will meet people from the industry, who will help you find your niche, give you feedback on your content and share their experience, ups and downs.

Apart from Halvor's network, the school collaborates with

I am looking forward to working on the line. Together we will explore exciting and valuable material, which is becoming more and more relevant and sought after.

- Halvor "KitchenJam" Thorsnes

Creative environment with many personalities

At school we have different lines. It allows many different people with different interests and personalities comes to school and it gives you as a content creator the opportunity to do interviews, photoshoots or all conceivable collaborations, whether you want to focus on art, music, photography, action sports, aid etc


Classrooms and equipment

The content production line has a classroom as well workplaces and creative studio. Here we have lights, microphones and stands ready for use.

At school we also have photo studio with flashes and backgrounds and a large selection camera equipment for film and photography which you can dispose of together with the photo line.

You will receive training in Premiere Pro, Photoshop, CapCut and Adobe's professional photo apps – industry-leading software for limitless creativity.

What you need is a digital camera (SLR, system camera or mobile) and a laptop. Bring a stand, lights, microphones, external hard drive and mouse if you have one.

Feel free to buy used or ask us for advice before you buy something if you are unsure.

Study tours with content production 

We have total five study tours During the year. The first and last trip, the class is together and travels to destinations tailored for our purposes. You travel the remaining three together with other classes, based on the kind of content you want to produce.

Joint study tours

  • Ksamil – Europe's Maldives
  • Amsterdam and Berlin

Study tours with other lines

  • Budapest, October
  • Lofoten, October
  • Copenhagen, December
  • London, December
  • Lofoten, March 
  • Uganda, March
  • Laax, March

Ksamil – Europe's Maldives

Ksamil may have appeared in your feed? The city is located on Albania's coast towards the Adriatic Sea and is called Europe's Maldives because of its crystal clear turquoise waters and luxurious accommodation.

We will explore the hidden gem, create travel content and use the time to hatch ideas and concepts for further productions.

Amsterdam and Berlin

Amsterdam and Berlin are some of Europe's trendiest cities - an excellent place to find good locations, create content and find inspiration.

It takes approx. 5 min to send an application...