Art / Experiences

Live out your artistic dream and be inspired by other creative souls! You learn new techniques, join workshops and get lots of new impressions on a study trip to Lofoten, Copenhagen, Berlin and Venice!

Good to know


Art/Experiences are suitable for

the creative who wants to be inspired and experience a lot. The line is perfect for those who want to travel - but also try out new techniques here at the school.


You get to develop your artistic abilities

and learn new techniques

Study trips

  • Lofoten
  • København 
  • Berlin and Venice 

Folk high school, art and experiences!

we emphasize creative expression in a variety of visual art forms, mixed with good experiences together with new friends.

On the line you meet other art lovers, and we learn a lot from each other. We also collaborates with other lines at school. You get to create a performance together with the Music Line, animation with the Photo Line, and experience Copenhagen together with the Norwegian - Culture / Adventure line.

You get to make your own knife with sheath, design silver jewelry, and shape unique glass balls.

With the study trips, we facilitate experiences that can inspire and provide experiences. We meet art, design and culture at workshops and courses, visiting exciting galleries and happenings. You get to explore many materials and techniques. 

The school has a number of workshops

  • Art gallery / studio
  • Workshop for wood and silver
  • Ceramics workshop
  • Glass workshop
  • Dark room
  • Mac room for movies and design
  • Photo Studio

The best thing about this line is that you get to explore many different mediums in art, everything from knife making to acrylic painting, together with others who also like to be creative.

- Helena Solheim

My goal this year was to make as many good friends as possible and I have really achieved that.

- Theodore Bakken

One of the things that was important to me was a great diversity of students, and at Elverum FHS I think everyone will find someone they can relate to.

- Nora Louise Grimstad

I think the social environment here at school is really cozy and you are accepted just the way you are.

- Live Junkyard


You will learn this

  • Knife making
  • Shaping of glass
  • High pressure and gravure
  • Silver forming
  • Street art
  • Pottery
  • Redesign
  • Snow sculpture
  • Watercolor
  • Drawing
  • Oil paint
  • Stop motion animation
  • As
  • Screen printing
  • Mosaic

It's exciting when performing artists come and have courses for us!

Study trips with the art line

We focus on good experiences and gather lots of inspiration.

  • Lofoten
  • København 
  • Berlin and Venice 

In Lofoten we live near the sea, the forces of nature and not least the light. We shape glass balls and have a workshop at Galleri Espollin.

On the pre-Christmas trip to Copenhagen we experience the contrast from The Free State of Christiania to The Little Mermaidat the same time as we study masterpieces at the Norwegian Museum of Art. We get into the Christmas spirit in the magnificent surroundings of the Royal Danish Theatre's Gamle Stage where we watch "The Nutcracker" and end the trip with an evening at the fairground.

Berlin is a vibrant city. You get to experience architecture, history, local street art and vintage shops. We visit an art studio where we draw with a professional model. In addition, we see a spectacular show at Friedrichsstadt, the world's largest theater stage.

Venice is the city of beauty, magnificent architecture, canals and history. We look at modern art at the Peggy Guggenheim and take the boat out to the famous colorful Burano Island.

Smiling young people in the bow of a fishing boat drive into Svolvær

Folk high school and art let you unfold creatively and get to know new people!