Life at school

Elverum Folk High School is a free-spirited folk high school. Here you get to unfold, challenge yourself and you get to know many new people from all over Norway - and the whole world.

Every month at Elverum FHS felt like a whole year - we had so much fun!

Snorre Klarpås, Africa - Aid / Safari 2019/2020

Life at Elverum Folkehøgskole

Every year, 130 new students come to the school. Most people know no one before, and this creates an open and inclusive environment both on the lines, at the boarding schools, in classes and in their free time.

We who work here like to work with young people. We appreciate positivity, creativity, diversity and low shoulders, but at the same time the good conversations and the seriousness of life.

A folk high school must be exam-free. You do not get grades, but we want to build character - personality, independence and commitment. This is called education, and is the main purpose of all folk high schools.

Grateful for these nice people, for this beautiful school, all the experiences and memories, trips and conversations. Thank you for this unforgettable year!

Finja Koe, Norwegian - Culture / Adventure, 2018/2019

boarding school

How are the boarding schools at Elverum Folk High School? What does it look like at school, in the classrooms and in the area? What workshops and facilities are there? All this you will find the answer to here.

More than 35 different electives to choose from.

Folkehøgskolen is often referred to as a «mini-society». You live close to each other and become very well known and closely connected.

Food is important, and we are committed to providing you with good and varied food.