Theme week

Premier Day «Rare Adventure 13»

Adventurous premiere - Humorous and at times more content ..

After a week of hard work, the big day finally came. Namely the premiere day!

At 12:30, the starting shot was fired and the theater king Geir led all 130 students to Elverum Folk High School through the scary adventure tunnel under the school. The set design group had created a fantastic composition of different fairytale universes that the students got to experience up close. The tunnel was illuminated with all kinds of beautiful colors and decorated with the most beautiful works of art. In addition, the scenography group had various tableaux around the tunnel that breathed life into everything. 

When the trip through the adventure tunnel came to an end, the first adventure began in the Great Hall. With a fun twist on the classic fairy tales, the actors created many bursts of laughter and smiles among the audience! 

I Brodius and Baroque we meet distant relatives of the originals who cultivate bodies and torment the neighbors .. Here at school. IN the 7. Yes on nach, we meet the convulsive russ who is looking for the right Jo. In The Princess that no one could find in fact, it is not certain that the princess will be goal-bound. Daskeladine do not compete with the troll this time and it will be a tragic end for the troll's part. Enka is quite true to the original, but here it is the people and their vulgarities that prevail. In Askeladden and the good helpers they are fighting for the throne as Russian president and in Little Red Riding Hood it is the Wolf who teaches a loose Red Riding Hood what is good ethics and morality.

The students have been working on the adventures since Sunday and managed to keep them a secret from each other. There was therefore great excitement around finally being able to both show off and see everyone else's adventures. The performance aroused both laughter, some surprises and suddenly some good news. Document group gives the performance dice roll 6.

Many thanks to everyone who helped create this amazing show! We look forward to it being set up again .. Next time on parent weekend!

Written by Emma Moen and Dokumentgruppa.

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