Tuition fees include line costs, study trips, food, rooms, internet and everything else that is necessary for a year at folk high school. We are approved by the Statens Lånekasse for utdanning, so you can get a full loan and scholarship.

The school year 2022-2023

LineRoom with shared bathroomEn suite room
Africa - Aid / Safari132 210 -139 430 -
Backpacker / Extreme sports141 260 -148 480 -
Photo / Experiences132 210 -139 430 -
Friluftsliv 128 840 -136 060 -
Handball128 840 -136 060 -
Art / Experiences128 840 -136 060 -
Music - Band / Vocals128 840 -136 060 -
Norwegian - Culture / Adventure128 840 -136 060 -
Snowboard / Freeski135 960 -143 180 -

This includes:

  • All travel, all teaching materials, food and rooms - and really everything you need as a student at school except pocket money.
  • You pay NOK 2 350, - (registration fee) when you confirm that you accept the school place. This is included in the total price, but you will not get this back if you cancel your place.

What does it really cost to live away from home?

Our lines cost an average of NOK 133. If you deduct NOK 000 in scholarships, a year at folk high school costs NOK 49.

If you think folk high school seems expensive, we recommend that you set up a small calculation of what it costs to live from home. Here is an example:

WhatPer month.Nine months
Rent5 000 -45 000 -
Electricity500 NOK4 500 -
Internett500 NOK4 500 -
Food3 000 -27 000 -
Transport1 500 -13 500 -
TOTAL10 000 -94 500 -

In this example, we have been careful. Many people pay significantly more for rent, electricity, internet, food and transport - and the expenses can vary from month to month.

At folk high school, everything in the table is included. You also get travel, social activities every single week, access to classrooms and equipment, transport to the school's programs, lectures, concerts and much, much more. Not least, you get safe adults who follow you up and work for you to experience mastery and development.

You for a diploma for completed school year, and two additional points for further education.

Regarding Covid-19

Due to Covid-19 and constant changes in the infection situation, it is difficult to say for sure for the coming school year. But we follow all infection control advice and travel advice given by the authorities. We plan for an almost normal school year, and for all travel to take place as normal. But we will prepare good alternative solutions if this is not possible. Line plans, school arrangements and study trips may be changed if natural disasters or other external and extraordinary circumstances occur which the school does not control, and which significantly affect the implementation. In the event of changes, no financial compensation is normally given.