Life at school

Rare Adventure Day 4

Preparations for the dress rehearsal, photoshoot and other fun!

The students at Elverum Folk High School start the day with "Words for the day" at 08.00. After inspiring words from Geir that together we can do everything and allsong, everyone was ready to start with weird adventure week. 

For many, it was to start the work of getting ready for the dress rehearsal, with both make-up, costume and props. How people have made their twist on the various adventures is top secret, so it was strictly forbidden to sneak a peek at the dress rehearsal for the other groups. After the dress rehearsals were finished for the different groups, before they moved on to photoshot. With make-up and costume on, there were several good pictures of the various adventure groups.

While most focused on the dress rehearsals, the document group had other tasks to do. Among those tasks was filming and editing the latest vlog for this week, with an exciting interview with Geir. An Instagram post was also written with a focus on the serving group, in addition to other tasks.  

Today we were strictly told not to go to the "adventure tunnel", because the result for it should be top secret. It was the scenography group that was responsible for finishing the fairytale doctor "fairytale tunnel", among other things. While they worked with the last sprint on the "adventure tunnel" which has both light effects and other exciting effects, everyone is excited to see the finished result.  

In the evening, everyone was happy and satisfied when they were served pizza for supper, which the serving group had prepared. The serving group had also prepared table seating for the dinner we will have tomorrow, to get to know people across lines. It was later in the evening open stage, where everyone could sign up. It was a nice evening with both good pizza and several fun elements on the open stage.  

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