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The employees at Elverum Folk High School have broad experience from their respective fields. They are passionate about folk high school in general, and Elverum folk high school in particular. Read about the employees at Elverum Folkehøgskole and find contact information.


Per Egil Andersen


Background from general teacher education, sports and guidance pedagogy, administration and management as well as various coaching education. Teaching experience from after-school program, junior high school, high school and college. Per Egil has taught on the Snowboard, Backpacker, Norwegian - Culture / Adventure and Outdoor life line. Supervisor for students from Høgskolen i Innlandet. Responsible for annual celiac courses for children, adolescents and adults.

Kristian Wessel Finstad

Assistant rector

Background/education: Teacher training in sports/physical education, Outdoor life year study, Guidance pedagogy, Administration and management, Value-based change management. Has been a line teacher at Friluftsliv, Handball and Backpacker/Extreme Sports, as well as taught at Norwegian. Has playing and coaching experience from Elverum Men's Handball. School leader experience from primary school.

We like working with young people. We appreciate positivity, creativity, diversity and low shoulders, but at the same time the good conversations and the seriousness of life.


Arild Sveum

Line teacher: Music - Band / Vocals

Background: General teacher education with music. Musician and composer. Broad experience as a band musician and music teacher in Namibia via Fredskorps ung. Member of several bands with different genres: prog rock, soul, 70s and 80s rock etc. Line teacher at Music - Band / Vocal and otherwise teaches electives and common subjects. Is a member of the band ProgAtom, which has released the albums Sagittarius A and Spiral.

Eivind Ellingsen Høimyr

Line teacher: Photo / Experiences

Background: Bachelor in media design from Gjøvik University College. Went the snowboard line at Elverum folk high school 09/10. Has since 2008 run his own company in media production, and has a teacher education in media studies, as well as tutoring. Has lived for a year in Uganda and Kenya, with aid work at the school's aid project in Kasese. Eivind is a line teacher in Photography / Experiences and teaches electives and common subjects. He is also responsible for design, film, photography and the web at the school.

Geir Prøven

Line teacher: Africa -Assistance / Culture

Background: general teacher training, media and English. Teaching experience from after-school arrangements, primary school and secondary school. Coaching experience from various sports. Theater instructor, idea maker and writer for theater and revue groups. Line teacher at Africa - Aid/Culture and teaches several elective and joint subjects. Responsibility for our aid projects.

Halvor Halset Thorsnes

Line teacher: Content production

Background: In half a year, Halvor built a tiktok account with over 60.000 followers and was signed as a profile for Egmont. He is a trained lecturer in music, and uses his experience from the stage in engaging communication online. Halvor has a burning commitment to young people having the opportunity to work with what they want. In addition, he has been active in outdoor activities, skiing and water sports for a long time.

Ingvild Skogum Aabakken

Line teacher: Norwegian - Culture / Adventure

Background: Bachelor's teacher training in design, arts and crafts with specialization in drawing and image communication, as well as a year's study in Norwegian at the University College in South-Eastern Norway. Is the course in suggestopedia. Teaches several elective subjects, as well as joint subjects. Responsible for the school's social channels.

Marius Bergan

Line teacher: Snowboard / Freeski

Background: Subject teacher in sports / physical education. Coach training in gymnastics and snowboarding. A number of positions in Hedmark gymnastics circuit, Elverum gymnastics and the Norwegian Gymnastics and Gymnastics Association. Coach for several games in Elverum Turn. Teaching experience from primary school, after-school program and basic training for secondary school and upper secondary school. Supervisor and examiner for students from Høgskolen i Innlandet.

Per Kjelland

Line teacher: Backpacker / Extreme sports

Education from general teacher training, sports and the conservatory of music in Trondheim. Acting experience from Hedmark Theatre, Teater Innlandet and a number of local theaters and revue groups. Musician, composer and choir director. Years of experience with outdoor life, hunting and fishing. Line teacher at Backpacker / Extreme Sport, and teaches elective and joint subjects.

Susan Ege Andersen

Line teacher: Norwegian - Culture / Adventure

Background: Police training, teacher training with sports, mathematics, immigration pedagogy, guidance and social pedagogy and teacher in Suggestopedi - accelerated learning. Teaching experience from the police with preventive work in kindergarten, primary school, upper secondary school and university. Particularly involved in projects aimed at drug and incest problems. Line teacher at Norwegian – Culture/Adventure. Suggestopedi and Suggestopedi-inspired methods are used in language learning. Otherwise teaches elective subjects.

Trine-Lise Lundemo

Line teacher: Art / Experiences

Background: General teacher education with specialization in shaping and English, as well as 60 credits in German at UiO. Long experience as a section leader for arts and crafts in primary school. Trine especially likes working with needlework techniques, is an MOT coach and aerobics instructor. She has traveled a lot and speaks fluent English and German, as well as some French and Italian.


Kjell Roger Halberg

Office assistant, technical manager and chef

Background as head of the event agency Joker sound, light & stage, with assignments for the country's greatest artists. Booking responsibility for concerts during the school year and responsible for the Saw Iron Festival. Office assistant and helps as a chef.

Solrunn Irene Nordlien

Boarding manager

Background: Graphic designer, with extensive experience from many years in the graphic industry, as well as marketing from the hotel and restaurant industry. Solrunn will help to ensure good well-being for the students at the boarding schools. She will host events, contribute to social media and marketing of the school.


Bernard Tweve


Bernard is a caretaker and fire chief. He has a bachelor's degree in organization and management, as well as a bachelor's degree in information technology. Tweve is responsible for the school's building stock and for everything working with heating, keys, outdoor facilities and renovation.

Kitchen and cleaning

Silje Olsen


Silje is a trained chef at Statholdergaarden in Oslo. She has a varied background as a dessert chef and chef from restaurants, hotels, kindergartens and canteens. Silje wants the pupils to have good food experiences, challenge themselves with new flavours, but also learn about and experience traditional food. The passion is "sweet", so good desserts and cakes are often on the menu.

Ketil Larsen


Background from i.a. Hotel Continental, Restaurant Annen Etage and several fish, game and delicatessens. When he is not working with us, he is either fishing for trout or looking for old coins, antiques or other historical objects.

Nighisti Belay Tekie

Boarding assistant

Our versatile substitute who is everything from chef, kitchen assistant and cleaner.

Pnina Naftaly Nysveen

Boarding assistant

Pnina has previously worked both in hotels and in commercial kitchens. Is currently a boarding assistant with some cooking responsibilities.

Gunn Tove Hundal Nyberg


Britta Trongaard

Supervision and driver