About Elverum Folk High School

Elverum Folkehøgskule is a free-standing folk high school with around 100 students.

What do you learn at Elverum Folk High School?

The folk high schools' task is to conduct education, and the Folk High School Act states that the school team must be exam-free. 

We want you to experience mastery, participate actively in the community, challenge yourself and collaborate with others. This is "formation", and an important focus throughout the school year.

Diploma and two credits

Completed school year gives:

  • Two credits for higher education 
  • Diploma 


The fact that Elverum FHS is free-spirited means that we are not affiliated with any religious organization, and respect different life practices, political views, religious or cultural backgrounds.


We want to give young people professional and social development.


  • Encourage students to think critically 
  • Strengthen community over competition 
  • Strengthen wholeness over what divides 
  • Strengthen the environmental factors that give people faith in their own strengths, that give courage and the ability to interact with others 
  • Increase professional insight and experience

The school opened in 1928, and has always been a folk high school. The exception is during World War II. The government and the Storting fled to the school and used it as a Storting hall, before the Germans took over the school.

Historical: Read about "The King's No" at Elverum Folk High School


Elverum Folk High School is located right outside Elverum center. It is a short distance to shops, malls, nature and public transport. 


Elverum> Gardermoen: 1 hour and 15 minutes by direct bus

Elverum> Oslo bus terminal: 1,5 hours by direct bus 

Elverum> Trysil: 1 hour by direct bus 

Folkehøgskolen> Sentrum: 5 min by bike and 12 min on foot

Folkehøgskolen> Grocery store: 3 min by bike, 6 min on foot.

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