Do you want to take a photo line at folk high school?

Experience folk high school and photography on the line Photo / Experiences. You get to develop as a photographer and learn about photo technique, composition, Photoshop, travel photography, studio, drone, exhibition, film, analog photography and much more.

Good to know


From basic to advanced

  • Develop yourself as a photographer
  • Practical teaching
  • Analogue and digital photography
  • Film and exhibition

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Lots of loan equipment

You get access to photo studios, darkrooms, lenses, Photoshop, Lightroom, photo printers, film cameras, drones and much more!

Study trips

Photo and experiences go hand in hand

  • INTERRAIL – Travel, street, music video
  • LOFOTEN – Surf, eagles and northern lights
  • DENMARK – Surf and street photography
  • RØROS – Dog sledding, nature and Christmas market Interrail in Europe

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A year of folk high school, photography and experiences

At the photo line, you get to explore many photography techniques. You get access to lots of different equipment, and we work in the studio, on location, on travel and in the classroom. We adapt the level to your starting point, but start from the basics to get everyone involved. 

On the line you meet other photo enthusiasts, and we learn a lot from each other. We emphasize good experiences and collaborate with other lines at the school.

You get create animation with Kunstlinja, film and photograph concert and music video with Musikklinja, make one fashion shoot with recycled fashion together with Afrikalinja, make player portraits of Handball and take action pictures of Snowboard/Freeski and Backpacker/Extreme sports in Trysil.

On the photo line, you need a digital camera (SLR or system camera) and a laptop. You get a license to Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Bridge on your machine all year round. You get training in several programs, and we do everything from basic cropping and color correction to advanced image processing and manipulation.

Your best photos will be included in the exhibition, and we end the year by making one online portfolio and showcase. You can use this to promote yourself as a photographer, or if you want to apply for further photography education.

Within a good framework, I have learned a lot about photography, myself and the world around me.

- Tuva Kristine Angelshaug

Went for a photo, Eivind is embarrassingly cool!

- Aurora Bredesen

Highly recommended!!!😀👍

- Fredrik Sagen

Manual settings, Photoshop and Bridge are just some of what you learn.

- Jakob Grjotheim Hareide


The teaching is practical, with the necessary theory at the bottom. We want you to photograph as much as possible, and you get good follow-up. 

Themes throughout the year are: 

  • Camera technology 
  • Image composition 
  • Flash, lighting and studio photography 
  • Editing and manipulation 
  • Analog photo and darkroom 
  • Travel, travel photography and travel film 
  • Street photography 
  • Nature and landscape 
  • Portrait 
  • Concert photo and film 
  • Star photo, star trails and northern lights 
  • Light painting 
  • Timelapse and stop exercise 
  • Double exposure
  • Film production and Davinci Resolve
  • Display


In November each year, the film festival Movies on War is organized. You join the festival as a press photographer and photograph guests, filmmakers and events.

In addition, we accept film and photo assignments that provide real work practice.

Analogue photography and darkroom

At Photo/Experiences, you learn to take analogue black-and-white photos, develop the film and produce paper copies in the darkroom. The feeling of seeing the image appear on the paper is absolutely magical!

Person holding retro vintage movie camera

The photos you take throughout the year become valuable memories of good experiences.  

Study trips with the photo line 

  • INTERRAIL – Travel, street, music video
  • LOFOTEN – Surf, eagles and northern lights
  • DENMARK – Surf and street photography
  • RØROS – Dog sledding, nature and Christmas market Interrail in Europe

INTERRAIL – Travel, street, music video

Europe has "everything", and by bus and train you can see an incredible amount in a short time.

We start in Budapest. The city offers magnificent buildings, monuments and spa baths! And not least a good view of the whole from Gellert Hill and Fisherman's Bastion. The city has an important place in European photographic history, and we see exhibitions at the House of Photography - Mai Mano haza - and the Robert Capa Museum. In addition, we experience world-class jazz music at the Budapest Jazz Club.

You join in the planning where the tour continues from Budapest. Do you want to visit cities like Berlin, Vienna, Bratislava, Ljubljana or Prague?

We travel together with Musikk - Band/Vocal line, and along the way we record music video to their self-produced songs.

Last stop is København. A city that offers everything you could want in terms of sights and city life. You get to experience Tivoli, Nyhavn, night photography, canal boat, great architecture, alternative Cristiania, ice cream with custard and much more.

LOFOTEN – Surf, eagles and northern lights

Lofoten considered by many to be one of the world's top ten destinations. In March, the light is returning, and the colors are amazing. You join in the hunt for northern Light and spectacular nature, sea safari in the Trollfjord and photography of sea eagles. We go on a road trip to famous photo spots and samples "arctic surfing".

DENMARK – Surf and street photography

We travel to Dune mills on the west coast of Denmark together with the Backpacker/Extremsport line. The small town is a world-renowned surf spot called Cold Hawaii. Here there is an "Aloha atmosphere" and a very special photo light. You get surf with professional instructors, and photograph the endless sandy beaches with graffiti-painted bunkers from World War 2.

In Aalborg, we work with street photography. It's about exploring the city and finding motifs on the streets and capturing the people, contrasts, details and architecture. Aalborg is a big city with boats modern buildings and colorful old cobbled streets - a perfect combination for us.

RØROS – Dog sledding, nature and Christmas market

We experience The "mountain city" Røros, known for mining, charming streets and TV series such as "Home for Christmas". In the municipality of Røros, you can find the national parks Femundsmarka and Forollhogna. The town of Røros is on Unesco's list above world cultural heritage.

Here we go experience the culture and nature, take portraits and of course get into the Christmas spirit.

Folk high school, photo line and experiences with other young people?