Do you want to study African at folk high school?

We combine folk high school and Africa on the line Africa - Aid / Culture! Creative and appropriate assistance that is useful - aimed at young and old. You become a "friend in everyday life" here at home, and get to experience Africa's incredible cultural and animal life in Kenya and Uganda - where we run schools for over 800 children. 

Good to know


"If you want to understand poverty, you must understand wealth"

  • Step outside your comfort zone
  • Challenge your values
  • Good cultural meetings
  • Creative fundraising

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Active assistance

We run schools, agriculture, tourism projects and sports facilities in Uganda, and help children, the elderly and refugees in Elverum.

Study trips

Experience Africa's unique culture!

  • Oslo
  • Utoya
  • Roros
  • Cabin trips
  • Kristiansand
  • Uganda and Kenya

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Folk High School, Africa, aid and culture

A year of social life at folk high school, while you learn about good assistance and take an active part in both fundraising and use of money. You experience exciting cultures, and learn about a number of African countries through lectures, documentaries, discussions and films. 

You learn to speak Swahili from our caretaker, join in making African food, arrange aid races for schools in Elverum and make Christmas games for kindergartens and families.

I have never felt such a sense of belonging, as what I do here. The feeling of being seen is very often present.

- Mina Vaaden

You get room to develop as a person

- Lena Eriksen

You become part of a larger community filled with positivity and commitment

- Synne Wagnhildshaug

Experiences, memories and friends that will last a lifetime 🙂

- Madeleine Guttormsen

Recommended for those who like to help people, and those who want to experience African culture.

- Ulrik Lien Svarstad

Every month at Elverum FHS felt like a whole year - we had so much fun!

- Snorre Klarpås

The Africa line gives me a varied everyday life, makes me challenge my own values, gives me insight and perspective.

- Simon Rørtveit-Nesheim


Aid projects

Elverum Folk High School has run a school project in Kasese, Uganda since the early 2000s. The project currently provides schooling for over 800 children, and also includes a sports facility and an agricultural facility.

In addition, we have supported smaller projects in Namibia, and in Bwera, Uganda.

You get involved in raising funds for the projects in many creative ways

  • pant
  • The aid race «Active for others»
  • Speakers
  • Assistance marathon
  • Café operation
  • Christmas games
  • Christmas gift card

At home in Elverum, you get to visit lonely elderly people and help young refugees in schools and kindergartens. 

Read more about our development assistance projects

Guaranteed a year where you have to be outside the comfort zone - in the slums of Africa and in encounters with foreign people. 

Study trips with the African line

  • Oslo
  • Utoya
  • Roros
  • Cabin trips
  • Kristiansand
  • Uganda and Kenya


At Røros, we get an insight into the culture of the Southern Sami and their struggle for existence. We experience nature, history and the colourful, winding streets.

Cabin trips

We travel on several cabin trips during the year, with a focus on social gatherings, value choices and quizzes.


In Kristiansand, we visit great aid organizations such as Mercy Ships and the Strømmestiftelsen, and get close to the African animals after closing time in Dyreparken. You also get to experience the "Archive", a peace and human rights centre.


We go to Oslo to visit the Rose Castle. This exhibition at Frognerseteren is a tribute to our democracy and a reminder of the Second World War in Norway. You will also join the Nobel Peace Center and the new main hall of Deichmanske Bibliotek.


On Utøya, you will get close to the stories of victims and survivors after the terrorist attack on 22 July 2011. You will also see the wonderful way we have taken back the island with life, joy and basic democratic values.


We visit the aid project in Kasese, Uganda and go on a safari by boat and car in Queen Elisabeth National Park. You get to meet the children and young people at the schools, and join in the classroom. You get to work at both the sports facility and agricultural projects, and experience the tourist project in the Rwenzori Mountains.


You get to meet the locals in the slums of Kampala and we end with a week on the paradise island of Lamu, off the coast of Kenya in the Indian Ocean. There are no cars - thousands of donkeys, and a wonderful "hakuna matata" culture.

Are folk high schools and Africa tempting?