Africa - Aid / Culture

Folk High School, Africa, aid and culture! Creative and appropriate assistance that is useful - aimed at young and old. You become a "friend in everyday life" here at home, and get to experience Africa's incredible cultural and animal life in Kenya and Uganda - where we run schools for over 800 children. 

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You can apply from…

1. October


You do not need any prior knowledge

But you must have the will and desire to help others 🙂

Experience the diversity of Africa

We're going to Uganda and Kenya

Active assistance

We run schools, agriculture, tourism projects and sports facilities in Uganda, and help the elderly and refugees in Elverum.


139 430 -En suite room

132 210 -Room with shared bathroom

Supported by the State Loan Fund

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Folk High School, Africa, aid and culture

A year of social life at folk high school, while you learn about good assistance and take an active part in both fundraising and use of money. You experience exciting cultures, and learn about a number of African countries through lectures, documentaries, discussions and films. 

At home in Elverum, you get to visit lonely elderly people and help young refugees in schools and kindergartens. 

You learn to speak Swahili from our caretaker, join in making African food, arrange aid races for schools in Elverum and make Christmas games for kindergartens and families.

Theme weeks, fun teachers, an adventure in Africa and evenings in the fireplace room with good friends, made this an unforgettable school year!

Snorre Klarpås, 2019/2020

Guaranteed a year where you have to be outside the comfort zone - in the slums of Africa and in encounters with foreign people. 

Study trips: Africa - Aid / Culture

  • Kristiansand, Arendal, Oslo
  • Uganda
  • Kenya

September / October: We visit aid organizations.

Mars: We visit the aid project in Kasese, Uganda and go on a safari by boat and car in Queen Elisabeth National Park. You get to meet the children and young people at the schools, and join in the classroom. You get to work at both the sports facility and agricultural projects, and experience the tourist project in the Rwenzori Mountains.

You get to meet the locals in the slums of Kampala and we end with a week on the paradise island of Lamu, off the coast of Kenya in the Indian Ocean. There are no cars - thousands of donkeys, and a wonderful "hakuna matata" culture.


Regarding Covid-19

Due to Covid-19 and constant changes in the infection situation, it is difficult to say for sure for the coming school year. But we follow all infection control advice and travel advice given by the authorities. We plan for an almost normal school year, and so that all travel can take place as normal. But we will work out good alternative solutions if this is not possible. Destinations on study trips can be added elsewhere (including domestically) if natural disasters or other external and extraordinary circumstances occur which the school does not control, and which significantly affect the implementation of the trip. No financial compensation is normally given for this.

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