Common subjects

The common subjects are subjects the whole school has together every week. Here you get insight into inspiring topics and interesting knowledge.

The joint subjects consist of "The World Today", "Environmental Studies", "Media Studies" and "All-Singing Large Choir" and take place four hours each week.

Themes can be

  • sexuality
  • Economy
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Fake news
  • Freedom of speech
  • Social media
  • Mental health
  • Konflikt
  • Sustainability and the environment

We discuss, reflect and shed light on many aspects of current issues. In addition, we have sessions with singing together where we sing together with the voice we have - both unison and polyphonic from many genres.

Saturday seminar and theme weeks

There is a seminar on most Saturdays - if there is no travel period or homecoming weekend. The seminars are a mixture of good lectures and pleasant, educational and social activities.

During the year, the theme weeks "Rare eventyr" and "Elverum folk high school ympics" are organised. Then all the students are mixed up in new groups and collaborate on a joint project.