At Elverum Folkehøgskole, we are keen to provide you with varied and good food - whether you are vegan, vegetarian, on a diet or not.

All meals are included in the price, and four meals are served every day of the week: breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. It does not cost anything extra for vegetarian / vegan, or other diets.

At weekends, breakfast is later so you can linger a little longer. On Saturday, breakfast, hot lunch and dinner are served. On Sunday, a proper Sunday breakfast, Sunday dinner and evening meal are served.

Breakfast and dinner are served with home-baked bread, crispbread, cereals, oatmeal and a good selection of cold cuts. In addition, you get coffee, tea and milk. The dining room has a microwave and toaster.

For lunch, hot soup and fresh rolls are served at school. Lines that are outside the school during the day include lunch from breakfast.

The dinners vary between everything from Norwegian home cooking to tacos and pizza.

Allergy, vegetarian, vegan and flexitarians

The kitchen has good experience in preparing allergy and diet food. Arrangements are made for vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free, lactose-free and other needs. Our chefs Silje and Ketil make arrangements with you if you have diets or allergies.

On excursions and study trips, there is a line teacher who organizes food, and we try as far as possible to accommodate all needs and have an open dialogue so everyone is full.

During the school year, there will be an opportunity to try out as "flexitarians". Then you eat vegetarian on weekdays, but can eat meat on weekends. In this way, you can help reduce your meat consumption, and provide a little extra for the climate, environment and animal welfare.

Example of weekly menu

Boiled salmon with boiled potatoes, cucumber salad, parsley butter and lemon.
Vegetarian / vegan: Falafel with homemade hummus, salad with lentils, beans and tomato, and rice pilaf

Homemade meatballs with boiled potatoes, freshly stirred cranberries, broccoli, homemade turnip puree and sauce.
Vegetarian / vegan: Vegetable burger with boiled potato, vegetable sauce, homemade turnip puree and broccoli.

Spanish meatballs with barley rice, salad and spicy tomato sauce.
Vegetarian / vegan: Spanish vegetable meatballs with salad, boiled barley rice and spicy tomato sauce.

Homemade fish gratin with boiled potatoes, lightly cooked carrot and melted butter.
Vegetarian / vegan: Indian vegetable stew with curry and coconut sauce and rice.

Taco with meat sauce, paprika, cucumber, corn, onion, jalapenos, salsa, Røros sour cream and tortilla chips.
Vegetarian / vegan: Taco with kidney beans, corn, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, lefse, salsa and vegan sour cream.

Hot lunch: Rice porridge, light stew or beef stew.
Vegetarian / vegan: Porridge or vegetable stew,
Dinner: Baked potato with Røros sour cream, corn, homemade garlic butter and cheese.
Vegetarian / vegan: Baked potato with garlic butter, corn, soy cheese, scrambled eggs or soy sour cream.

Roast beef with boiled potatoes, sauce, freshly stirred cranberries and seasonal vegetables.
Vegetarian / vegan: Vegetable lasagne with salad.
Dessert or cake.