Art and Music unite in the world of aesthetics - part 2

We collaborate across the lines to attach sound to image with different art techniques

Fragments of paper.

Today, the students each got their own song to be reproduced in fragments that together made up a picture. The materials they received were paper and glue. The pieces could either be cut or torn. The seven groups received the following songs:

"A day without rain" by Enya

"The devil in I" by Slipknot

"Kristoffer Robin" by Cezinando

"Vacant" by Dream Theater

"Light" by Susanne Sundfør

"Variations on a Rococo Theme" by Tchaikovsky

"Relative / Subjective" by ProgAtom

Another way to work creatively

There were 7 unique results - some were based on the title, others were inspired by the lyrics in the song, while a group just had to feel the mood, as the classical music did not provide a guide to content. With a tight schedule, the groups had to be efficient and work purposefully and work well together, which can be challenging. Although some could imagine more time, most people were happy with this somewhat different way of creating art.

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