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As part of the school’s curriculum, students get to create their own schedule. You will fill your week with your choice of activities, and you choose electives for one semester at a time. That way you get to study even more of the subjects that interest you. Each semester the students must have a minimum of 54 hours of elective classes.

Choose from the following electives

Aerobics (aerobic): Strength and endurance training.

African drumming (djembe): Learn traditional African drumming, dancing and singing. You will also perform for the community and school.

Arts and crafts (hobbygruppe): If you’re good with making artsy, useful things out of ordinary household items or already a fan of arts and crafts, this elective has your name on it! Some crafts include traditional candle making, glass painting and making cards.

Band (band): We form bands and practice playing together. Throughout the year we arrange concerts and host events. You need to already play an instrument or sing before entering this elective.

Ceramics (keramikk): Learn how to make bowls, plates, vases, masks, and more in this class. You will learn different techniques in creating your design.

Chess (sjakk): You will learn elementary skills, opening tactics, strategies and develop your general abilities in the game. We play each other and arrange tournaments.

Choir (kor): La, la, la, la, laaaa! Love to sing? You will sing all genres of songs and perform them
throughout the semester.

Climbing (klatring): Learn or practice climbing.

Dance (dans): We work with dance technique, strength, movement and music, and of course a lot of exciting choreography and dance styles.

Darkroom (mørkerom): Learn the art of the darkroom. Take analog photographs, develop the film and make paper copies using chemicals and light.

Discussion group (diskusjonsforum): Discuss topics such as politics, sustainability, education and much more. The teacher prepares a topic, or you can suggest one.

Drawing and painting (tegning/maling): Learn different drawing and painting techniques.

Film club (filmklubb): For those who love to watch and discuss films. We watch movies at school, but also in the city cinema.

Fun with Marius (moro med Marius): Take a trip to the gym hall – one of Norway´s best – with Marius, and burn off any excess energy you have! This is an elective where you can try out different gymnastic type activities such as trampoline, rings, beams, tumbling, foam pit and much more.

Glass fusing (glassfusing): Create beautiful glass plates, window décor, or jewelry for yourself or as a gift
for someone special. This includes materials and theory.

Guitar (gitar): Ever wanted to learn how to play or are you already experienced? This elective will give
you basic knowledge of how to play if you’re a beginner or give you the tools to be better!

Hunting and fishing (jakt og fiske): You get to attend traditional Norwegian hunting and fishing. We fish with rod and net. In hunting we follow local huntsmen during moose hunting, and we hunt for forest birds. We also cook some game.

Kickboxing (kickboksing): Learn the basic kickboxing skills and build strength. The teacher is a world kickboxing champion.

Knife making (knivmaking): A long time Norwegian tradition. Make your own wood handled knife with
different techniques.

Knitting (strikking): Learn how to knit hats, scarfs, headbands or gloves.

Learning Norwegian (leksehjelp): This is a special elective for the foreigners who want to learn even more Norwegian, and for the students who want to help them. We do different activities, and nobody is allowed to speak English.

Listening to music (musikklytting): Music is feelings, and it affects people in different ways. We listen to music and each student present their favorite music.

Outdoor life (friluftsliv): Are you a fan of the great outdoors? We take hikes, learn survival skills, and sleep in various types of outdoor “homes” overnight, even when there is snow.

Photography (foto): Learn how to master a digital camera and take better photographs.

Piano (piano): Learn the basic skills to play the piano or improve what you already know. You will get lessons once a week and practice a lot on your own in between.

Ski/snowboard (ski/snowboard): During the second semester this is your chance to hit the slopes in Trysil, Norway biggest ski resort – 50 minutes from the school. Whether you’re an avid snowboarder/skier or just starting out, you will have a great day outdoors in the snow.

Soccer (fotball): For beginners to advanced, played indoors and outdoors.

Stamina exercise (utholdenhetstrening): Running, jogging or skiing to get the pulse up and heart going.

Strength exercise (styrketrening): This is a class with general strength building skills.

Sustainability (aksjonsforskning): Work with projects to make the school more sustainable, and collaborate with other schools.

Video production (videoproduksjon): Learn to use a camera, import the footage and edit your film in Premiere Pro. We have quite a lot of camera gear and accessories, and some computers with the newest editing software.

Writing (manus): This class is for those who enjoy writing or want to start. You can write in the genre and about the subject of your choice. If you have writers block, you’ll get help with different assignments and topics. You can also write comic strips and song lyrics.

Year book (årbok): We work as a editorial staff, and you can focus on layout, text or photography to make the greatest memory you can have from the year: the year book.

Yoga (yoga): Classical yoga where we work on breathing, strength and concentration.

Zumba (Zumba): We work with different dance styles like merengue, cumbia, salsa and reggaeton. You will use your whole body in a fun and exercising way.


Notice: The electives offered might change slightly from year to year, based on available teachers and the students wishes.

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