As part of the school’s curriculum, students get to create their own schedule. They will fill their week with their choice of activity ranging from one hour to five hours a week. Each semester the students must have a minimum 54 hours.

The electives offered might change slightly, based on available teachers and the students wishes.

  1. Aerobics (aerobic): 8 hrs/semester
    Strength and endurance training.
  2. Soccer (football): 16 hrs/semester
    For beginners to advanced played indoors and out.
  3. Glass fusing (glassfusing): 24 hrs/semester
    Create beautiful glass plates, window décor, or jewelry for yourself or as a gift
    for someone special. This includes materials and theory.
  4. Handball (handball): 16 hrs/semester
    For beginners to advanced, played indoors.
  5. Photography (foto): 16 hrs/semester
    Learn how to master a digital camera and photo editing.
  6. Photoshop: 16 hrs/week
    Process and edit photos in Adobe Photoshop and learn composition, illustration and logo-making.
  7. Guitar (gitar): 8 hrs/semester
    Ever wanted to learn how to play or already are a pro? The elective will give
    you basic knowledge of how to play if you’re a beginner or give you the tools to be better!
  8. Film club (filmklubb): 16 hrs/semester
    For those who love to watch movies or discuss the meaning behind them. You can
    also lead a class by showing a film of your choice and taking charge of the seminar
    afterwards. Sometimes we watch new films in the city cinema. We also have a group for cult film.
  9. Outdoor life (friluftsliv): 24 hrs/semester
    Fan of the great outdoors or want to get in touch with your inner wild man? You
    will take hikes, learn survival skills, and sleep in various types of outdoor «homes»
    overnight, even when there is snow.
  10. Arts and crafts (hobbygruppe): 24 hrs/semester
    If you’re good with making artsy, useful things out of ordinary household items or
    already a fan of arts and crafts, this elective has your name on it! Some crafts include
    traditional candle making, glass painting and making cards.
  11. Ceramic (keramikk): 24 hrs/semester
    Build your own creation from scratch. Learn how to make bowls, plates, vases,
    masks, and more in this class. You will learn different techniques in creating your
    design along with Raku, a Japanese tradition of burning clay.
  12. Kickboxing (kickboksing): 16 hrs/semester
    Learn the basic kickboxing skills and build strength with one of Norway’s
    top kickboxing champions.
  13. Rock climbing (klatring): 16 hrs/semester
    Learn or practice rock climbing indoors and out!
  14. Knife making (knivmaking): 24 hrs/semester
    A long time Norwegian tradition, make your own wood-handled knife with
    different techniques.
  15. Choir (kor): 16 hrs/semester
    La, la, la, la, laaaa! Love to sing? You will sing all genres of songs and perform them
    throughout the semester.
  16. Relaxation (avkobling): 12 hrs/semester
    After a long weekend it’s nice to take a break and just relax.
  17. Writing/comics (manus): 2 hrs
    This class is for those who enjoy writing or want to start. If you have writers
    block topics can be given, but other than that you can write about whatever
    you want! You can also write comic strips, and even draw them if your up to it.
  18. FUN with Marius! (moro med Marius): 16 hrs/semester
    Take a trip to the gym hall – one of Norway´s best – with Marius, and burn off any excess energy you have!
    This is an elective where you can try out different gymnastic type activities such
    as trampoline, rings, beams, tumbling, foam pit and much more!
  19. Darkroom (mørkerom): 16 hrs/semester
    Learn the art of the darkroom, what the red lamps are for and which different
    chemicals are used for certain effects. Just like the professionals do!
  20. Piano (piano): 1 hr
    Learn the basic skills to play the piano or improve what you already know. You will get lessons once a week and practice a lot on your own in between.
  21. Snowboard/ski (snowboard/ski): 5 hrs/week
    During the second semester this is your chance to hit the slopes. Whether
    you’re an avid snowboarder/skier or just starting out, you will have a full
    day outdoors in the snow.
  22. Strength training (styrketrening): 8 hrs/semester
    This is a class with general strength building skills (one where you don’t have
    to lift weights, but there is a weight lifting room available at the school,
    too, if that’s what you like to do!)
  23. Theatre and stage show (teater og sceneshow): 16 hrs/semester
    If you’re a fan of the spotlight, you will have a lot of fun in the theatre elective.
    During the semester you will play theatre games and put on performances.
  24. Drawing/painting (tegning/maling): 16 hrs/semester
    Learn different techniques to drawing and painting!
  25. African drumming (turnègruppe): 8 hrs/semester
    Learn traditional African drumming, dancing and singing. You will also perform
    for the community and school.
  26. Wool (ulltoving): 4 hrs/week
    Work with wool by dying it and then creating your own clothing or bags!
  27. Volleyball (volleyball): 1 ½ hrs/week
    Learn to play the game or play for fun indoors and out.
  28. Videoproduction: 24 hrs/semester
    Learn to use a camera, import the footage and edit your film on a Mac. We have a lot of equipment and in the fall we have the opportunity to make films for the film festival Movies on War!
  29. Blog/Webdesign: 16 hrs/semester
    Learn how to create og improve a blog, setup a homepage or join a group developing Ellevillerum, a student driven school homepage.
  30. Discussion group: 16 hrs/semester
    Discuss topics such as politics, sustainability, education and much more. The teacher prepares a topic, or you can suggest one.
  31. Print making: 24 hrs/semester
    Learn how to do screen-printing and other interesting print techniques. Print on paper, t-shirts and much more.
  32. Knitting: 16 hrs/semester
    Learn how to knit hats, scarfs, headbands and gloves.
  33. Stamina exercise: 16 hrs/semester
    Running, jogging or skiing to get the pulse up and heart going.
  34. Fun with Norwegian: 16 hrs/semester
    This is a special elective for the foreigners wanting to learn Norwegian. We do activities such as cooking, sledding, snow sculptures and much more. And nobody is allowed to speak English.