Elective subjects


As part of the school’s cur­ri­cu­lum, stu­dents get to create their own sche­dule. They will fill their week with their choice of acti­vity ran­ging from one hour to five hours a week. Each semes­ter the stu­dents must have a mini­mum total of six hours.

  1. Aero­bics (aero­bic): 8 hrs/semester
    Strength and endu­rance training.
  2. Soc­cer (foot­ball): 16 hrs/semester
    For beg­in­ners to advan­ced played indoors and out.
  3. Glass fusing (glass­fu­sing): 24 hrs/semester
    Create beaut­i­ful glass pla­tes, win­dow décor, or jewelry for yours­elf or as a gift
    for some­one spec­ial. This inclu­des mate­ri­als and theory.
  4. Hand­ball (hand­ball): 16 hrs/semester
    For beg­in­ners to advan­ced, played indoors.
  5. Pho­to­graphy (foto): 16 hrs/semester
    Learn how to mas­ter a digi­tal camera and photo editing.
  6. Pho­tos­hop: 16 hrs/week
    Process and edit pho­tos in Adobe Pho­tos­hop and learn com­po­sition, illust­ra­tion and logo-making.
  7. Gui­tar (gitar): 8 hrs/semester
    Ever wan­ted to learn how to play or alre­ady are a pro? The elective will give
    you basic know­ledge of how to play if you’re a beg­in­ner or give you the tools to be better!
  8. Film club (film­klubb): 16 hrs/semester
    For those who love to watch movies or discuss the meaning behind them. You can
    also lead a class by showing a film of your choice and taking charge of the semi­nar
    after­wards. Some­ti­mes we watch new films in the city cinema. We also have a group for cult film.
  9. Out­door life (fri­lufts­liv): 24 hrs/semester
    Fan of the great out­doors or want to get in touch with your inner wild man? You
    will take hikes, learn sur­vi­val skills, and sleep in various types of out­door «homes«
    over­night, even when there is snow.
  10. Arts and crafts (hobby­gruppe): 24 hrs/semester
    If you’re good with making artsy, use­ful things out of ordi­nary house­hold items or
    alre­ady a fan of arts and crafts, this elective has your name on it! Some crafts include
    tra­ditio­nal candle making, glass pain­ting and making cards.
  11. Cera­mic (kera­mikk): 24 hrs/semester
    Build your own crea­tion from scratch. Learn how to make bowls, pla­tes, vases,
    masks, and more in this class. You will learn dif­fe­rent tech­ni­ques in crea­ting your
    design along with Raku, a Japa­nese tra­dition of bur­ning clay.
  12. Kick­box­ing (kick­bok­sing): 16 hrs/semester
    Learn the basic kick­box­ing skills and build strength with one of Norway’s
    top kick­box­ing champions.
  13. Rock clim­bing (klat­ring): 16 hrs/semester
    Learn or prac­tice rock clim­bing indoors and out!
  14. Knife making (kniv­ma­king): 24 hrs/semester
    A long time Nor­we­gian tra­dition, make your own wood-handled knife with
    dif­fe­rent techniques.
  15. Choir (kor): 16 hrs/semester
    La, la, la, la, laaaa! Love to sing? You will sing all gen­res of songs and per­form them
    throug­hout the semester.
  16. Relaxa­tion (avkob­ling): 12 hrs/semester
    After a long week­end it’s nice to take a break and just relax.
  17. Writing/comics (manus): 2 hrs
    This class is for those who enjoy wri­ting or want to start. If you have wri­ters
    block topics can be given, but other than that you can write about whate­ver
    you want! You can also write comic strips, and even draw them if your up to it.
  18. FUN with Marius! (moro med Marius): 16 hrs/semester
    Take a trip to the gym hall – one of Norway´s best – with Marius, and burn off any excess energy you have!
    This is an elective where you can try out dif­fe­rent gym­na­s­tic type acti­vities such
    as tram­po­line, rings, beams, tum­bling, foam pit and much more!
  19. Dar­kroom (mørke­rom): 16 hrs/semester
    Learn the art of the dar­kroom, what the red lamps are for and which dif­fe­rent
    che­micals are used for cer­tain effects. Just like the pro­fes­sio­nals do!
  20. Piano (piano): 1 hr
    Learn the basic skills to play the piano or improve what you alre­ady know. You will get les­sons once a week and prac­tice a lot on your own in between.
  21. Snowboard/ski (snowboard/ski): 5 hrs/week
    During the second semes­ter this is your chance to hit the slo­pes. Whether
    you’re an avid snowboarder/skier or just star­ting out, you will have a full
    day out­doors in the snow.
  22. Strength trai­ning (styrke­tre­ning): 8 hrs/semester
    This is a class with gene­ral strength buil­ding skills (one where you don’t have
    to lift weights, but there is a weight lif­ting room avai­lable at the school,
    too, if that’s what you like to do!)
  23. Thea­tre and stage show (tea­ter og scene­show): 16 hrs/semester
    If you’re a fan of the spot­light, you will have a lot of fun in the thea­tre elective.
    During the semes­ter you will play thea­tre games and put on performances.
  24. Drawing/painting (tegning/maling): 16 hrs/semester
    Learn dif­fe­rent tech­ni­ques to dra­wing and painting!
  25. Afri­can drum­ming (turnè­gruppe): 8 hrs/semester
    Learn tra­ditio­nal Afri­can drum­ming, dan­cing and sin­ging. You will also per­form
    for the com­mu­nity and school.
  26. Wool (ull­to­ving): 4 hrs/week
    Work with wool by dying it and then crea­ting your own clot­hing or bags!
  27. Vol­ley­ball (vol­ley­ball): 1 ½ hrs/week
    Learn to play the game or play for fun indoors and out.
  28. Video­pro­duc­tion: 24 hrs/semester
    Learn to use a camera, import the foo­tage and edit your film on a Mac. We have a lot of equip­ment and in the fall we have the opport­u­nity to make films for the film fes­ti­val Movies on War!
  29. Blog/Webdesign: 16 hrs/semester
    Learn how to create og improve a blog, setup a home­page or join a group devel­o­ping Elle­vil­le­rum, a stu­dent dri­ven school homepage.
  30. Discus­sion group: 16 hrs/semester
    Discuss topics such as poli­tics, sustai­na­bi­lity, edu­ca­tion and much more. The teacher pre­pa­res a topic, or you can sug­gest one.
  31. Print making: 24 hrs/semester
    Learn how to do screen-printing and other inter­e­s­ting print tech­ni­ques. Print on paper, t-shirts and much more.
  32. Knit­ting: 16 hrs/semester
    Learn how to knit hats, scarfs, head­bands and gloves.
  33. Sta­mina exer­cise: 16 hrs/semester
    Run­ning, jog­ging or ski­ing to get the pulse up and heart going.
  34. Fun with Nor­we­gian: 16 hrs/semester
    This is a spec­ial elective for the for­eig­ners wan­ting to learn Nor­we­gian. We do acti­vities such as cook­ing, sled­ding, snow sculp­tu­res and much more. And nobody is allowed to speak English.