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Norwegian – Culture/Adventure

Study in Norway! Through this course you experience Norway, Norwegian culture and language in an exiting and adventurous way. We travel through all of Norway and visit the most famous sights. You’ll experience the roaring oceans at Grønningen Lighthouse in the south, and the spectacular Northern lights in Lofoten.

About the course

Do you want to learn Nor­we­gian lan­guage and expe­ri­ence Nor­we­gian cul­ture?

Our goal is for you to be able to speak and understand Norwegian according to your own standards through suggestopedi, a quick learning method. You will learn about Norwegian culture, history, geography and society through exhibitions and by travelling and experiencing Norway first hand. This year will be a ten months long adventure.

Elve­rum Folke­høg­skole is an uni­que board­ing school for stu­dents finis­hed with high school. It offers Nor­we­gian aca­de­mic and nona­ca­de­mic cour­ses to all its stu­dents. The school is a one year course with most of its stu­dents being between the ages of 18 to 24. The majority of stu­dents come from all parts of Nor­way, but others have come from the Uni­ted Sta­tes, Europe and other countries all over the world.

Elverum folkehøgskole Norwegian Culture Adventure laying in the mountains

School fee

Room with own bathroom
125 360,- NOK
Room with common bathroom
119 000,- NOK

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Susan Ege Andersen

Ingvild Skogum Aabakken

Create your own schedule.

The Nor­we­gian course emphasize the oral language. Stu­dents in the Nor­we­gian course will have class seve­ral times a week along with other core sub­jects such as choir, group acti­vities, discus­sions on world events, and semi­nars with the entire school. Other than that it is up to the stu­dent to create their own sche­dule. You can choose among 30 electi­ves (valg­fag) –  inclu­ding ski­ing and snow­board­ing, kick-boxing, art, digi­tal pho­to­graphy, soc­cer and much more.

You will be intro­du­ced to the Nor­we­gian writ­ten lan­guage, but we emp­ha­size the oral lan­guage. You will be able to try acti­vities such as dog-sleding, cano­ing, ski­ing, snow­board­ing, white-water raf­ting and explo­ring the Nor­we­gian untouched nature. You will learn about the most famous Nor­we­gian com­po­sers, wri­ters, pain­ters and heroes. Nor­we­gian society and industry is also part of the program.

Inte­rac­ting to learn the Nor­we­gian language.

Stu­dents in the Nor­we­gian course will have plenty of prac­tice when lear­ning the lan­guage, being sub­mer­ged in a «mini» Nor­we­gian society. They will inte­ract around the clock with other Nor­we­gian stu­dents, during bre­ak­fast until sup­per. There are also many acti­vities wit­hin the school year plan­ned and held by the stu­dents. Some have been a «cele­brity wed­ding», vol­ley­ball tour­na­ment, and ladies night.

The aca­de­mic year and holidays.

Stu­dents will have 33 weeks of school total, begin­ning in mid-August till mid-May. Throug­hout the year there will be vaca­tion time as well, one during the fall and win­ter along with a Chris­t­mas and Eas­ter break. During this time the school will be clo­sed. There will also be some week­ends off. During these week­ends the stu­dents have the opport­u­nity to go home, but the school remains open for stu­dents who choose to stay (food is still pro­vi­ded).

Non aca­de­mic Nor­we­gian courses.

During the school year we have three theme weeks. The first is  a trip to the moun­tains where you will get to know all the students and teachers better. We hike to the top of Glit­ter­tind, Norway’s second hig­hest moun­tain, and also to a glacier. The second theme week the whole school works with thea­ter and tra­ditio­nal Nor­we­gian fairytales. Stu­dents will uti­lize their music, art, and acting skills to put on a pro­duc­tion for kids in the the com­mu­nity. If you’re not the per­for­ming arts type, then you can take part behind the sce­nes wor­king with fil­ming, lights, pho­to­graphy or scenography. The final theme-week is Elve­rum folkhighschoolym­pics. The stu­dents are divi­ded into countries and com­pete in our very own olympics, with events like ice bat­hing, poker, ski­ing and much more.

Norwegian adventure

  • White-water rafting
  • Dogsleding
  • Lofotfiske (deep water fishing in Northern Norway)
  • Hurtigruta (cruise ship along the coast)
  • The Northern lights
  • Skiing
  • Canoing
  • Snowboarding/twin tip
  • Build and sleep in a snow cave
  • Hiking to Prekestolen (Pitpul mountain), Glittertind , Jotunheimen and on a Glacier
  • Kirkenes Snow hotell
  • Visit The Finnmark race (dog sleding race)

Norwegian culture

  • Famous Norwegian composers, writers and painters like Edvard Grieg, Henrik Ibsen and Edvard Munch
  • Exhibits at the National Gallery, Maihagen, The Much Museum and more

Norwegian history and society

  • Norwegian History
  • Norwegian heroes like Fritjof Nansen, Roald Amundsen, Thor Heyerdal, Helge Ingstad and more
  • Norwegian government today
  • The Sami parliament
  • Democracy
  • Norwegian industry

Norwegian language

  • Concert reading
  • Choir reading
  • Games
  • Practical tasks



  • Stavanger, Lindesnes, Mandal and Kristiansand
  • Northern Norway: Kirkenes, Pasvik og Karasjok in Finnmark, hurtigruta (cruiseboat) to Lofoten
  • Røros, Trondheim, Ålesund, Sogndal and Bergen
  • Copenhagen, Denmark

Travelling in Norway and Scandinavia

The Nor­we­gian-class will tra­vel all over Norway. We will expe­ri­ence more parts of Nor­way than the average Nor­we­gian ever has, inclu­ding: the famous moun­tains and the fjords, western Nor­way with Preke­sto­len and the oil museum, southern Nor­way with cabin life by the water, northern Nor­way with it’s Aur­ora Borea­lis (northern lights) and fish­ing in Lofo­ten, just to men­tion a few of the high­lights. We also visit Copenhagen, Denmark.

If that isn’t enough for you then there is plenty to do in Elve­rum even though it’s a small town. There is a bow­ling alley, movie theatre/culture cen­ter, two shop­ping cen­ters, café’s, gym hall and more. Elve­rums bus sta­tion is also a con­nec­tion to other near cities. Try­sil, one of Norway’s lar­gest and best ski resorts, is an hour away. Forty min­utes in the other direc­tion is Hamar, a lar­ger town than Elve­rum, and two hours away is Oslo, the capital. Our main airport, Gardermoen, is only one hour away.

Pictures and films


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