What happens outside the classroom?

Social life is an important part of the folk high school year. Here you get to know all kinds of people from all over Norway, and from many different parts of the world.

When you live in a boarding school, you always have someone to be with. Whether in the room, or in the TV rooms, in the movie room, the billiard room or in one of the workshops while drawing, playing music, taking pictures or driving in the rail park in the winter.

If you want to meet someone, you will always find someone to be with in the fireplace room, in front of the large old fireplace.

We strongly believe that social life contributes greatly to the positive development many people experience at folk high schools. Here you get to challenge your values, discuss attitudes, test empathy and you get an understanding of other people's background and mindset.

Folkehøgskole is about learning new skills, but learning takes place just as much in the subjects as outside.

Student evenings

Every week we have a student evening. Then something social, fun and enjoyable is arranged for the other students. It can be a quiz, waffles in the fireplace, a volleyball tournament, a concert, games night or anything else you can think of.

Every weekend there is a program night. Then all students get to participate in a social, inclusive and fun program, such as:

  • Fake wedding
  • Ladies' and gentlemen's evening
  • ball
  • Karaoke night
  • Concert
  • Beat for beat
  • Film award ceremony
  • Halloween

Student rooms and social rooms

At school we have many rooms that make it easy to be social. There are four student rooms distributed among different boarding schools. Here you can stream films and TV series, play games or just hang out and talk. The school has a subscription to Disney+ and Netflix in all the living rooms.

You get access to two student kitchens with utensils and equipment to be able to bake or cook - maybe when someone has a birthday?

In addition, we have a library that is well suited for puzzles, board games, knitting, writing and reading. Here you can freely borrow books in most genres. In the Africa line's classroom there are hundreds of films you can borrow, and although many people watch a lot of films during the year, we suspect that no one has managed to see them all!


The fireplace room is the room where you can always meet someone. There is coffee and tea here almost all day, and in the winter we fire in the large open fireplace. The fireplace room is perfect for games, for working on projects in various subjects, for practicing piano and guitar, for eating cake, quizzes or for hanging out and chatting.

Endless possibilities

The school also has a large number of special rooms where you can work with photography, film, music, art, train strength and much more. And Elverum offers more than you might think…