Norwegian, Culture/Adventure explores South West Norway

16 curious students and 1 enlightened teacher begin our journey to the South West of Norway. 

Day 1:

The first stop is the Heddal Stavkirke, the largest stave church in Norway. Our second destination is at the very luxurious and historical Hotel Dalen where we are served a delicious dinner. We come to Preikestolen base camp where we stayed over night.

Group photo in front of the Heddal Stavkirke as well as a photo from Hotel Dalen.

Day 2:

We hike up to the Preikestolen. At the top we get a beautiful view of the fjord. We have reserved 2 sauna rafts where we can relax after a long day of hiking. The group have a lot of fun while making delicious tacos togehter. Views from both Preikestolen and the sauna rafts.

Day 3:

Sightseeing in Stavanger. Susan gives us several different locations to check out including the cathedral, fish market, concert hall and many more. The we visit Norsk Oljemuseum (Norwegian Oil Museum). Here we developed a good understanding on what the industry is all about. At last we visit «Flor og Fjære». We take a boat to the island and get a guideet tour through the different beautiful gardens

Day 4:

We visit the last manned lighthouse in Norway which is the most southern lithhouse on the Norwegian mainland. We eat delicious fish soup in Mandal before we drive to

Kristiansand. Susan give us some free time to explore the city by ourselves

On our way to Isefjær camping, we shop for dinner which we plan and make for ourselves. The boys and girl split up which resulted in an epic cook-off.

Day 5:

Last stop before driving home to Elverum is Kristiansand Zoo where we learn all about the native and endangered animals of Norway as well as many other animals from all around the world. Although this group has only been together just shy of a month, it is safe to say we are already becoming the dreamteam of 21-22. Thank you to the SW of Norway for an unforgettable five days.

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