Norwegian – Culture/Adventure

Norwegian – Culture/Adventure class – January 2020

January is a month for great experiences and a lot of winter fun. Besides practicing and learning more and more.

Norwegian language in our class room, we go dog sledding, cross country skiing and down hill skiing/-snowboarding in Trysil.

We drive to Lillehammer and get a good view of the city from the top of Lysgårdsbakkene – the ski jump built for the Winter Olympic games in 1994. This was the site for the opening of the games.

We also visit the museum «Maihaugen» where we literally walk through  the Norwegian history from the Ice time till today.

We learn about how Norwegian family farms were managed in old times and what roles each family member had on the farm.

We also go in to «The future house» built in 2001 and find out that what was future in 2001 is already past today. Interesting.

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