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Film: Norwegian class in Copenhagen

Myra De Cock from Belgium gives you a chance to follow along for the Norwegian class’ last trip for the semester.

Myra De Cock

Age: 18
From: Scherpenheuvel, Belgium

What was the highlight of the trip for you?

My personal highlight of the trip was Tivoli. It was very magical to walk around in the park with all the Christmas decoration. We visited a lot of cultural places during our trip, where we learned a lot about the history of Copenhagen. So it was very nice to end our trip with the amusement park where we could just have fun and relax.

Can you share something you learned on the trip?

At the beginning of our trip we got money from the teachers to spend on food. We had to plan our meals, go shopping and cook the food ourselves. We had to look for good food that was not too hard to cook, but still fit the budget. 

How was the students mood on the trip?

Copenhagen was the first trip where I noticed that we have grown closer to each other in the group. I feel like we know each other pretty good by now. For me, I’ve come to the point where I know which person I can talk to in a certain situation, while still having fun. We did some activities together with the Arts and Backpacker classes. I definitely got to know the art students better since I had never really talked to most of them before. They’re pretty cool!

What was your motivation to make this video?

I really like capturing moments by filming and putting them all together in a video as a summary. I learned how to edit videos in the Videoproduksjon elective, so I used the skills I learned there to make this video. Now I also have something to show my friends and family at home, and something I can re-watch after this year.

What would you say to anyone considering applying for Elverum folkehøgskole next year?

If you’re still in doubt whether this year/a folkhighschool is something for you, just go for it and apply to a linje you’re interested in. I’ve met so many people with different personalities and backgrounds, and all of them fit perfectly in our school. I feel like we’re one big family and we’re all learning about ourselves and life together.

Believe me, a year in a folkhighschool is not something you wanna miss out on!!!