Norwegian- Culture/Adventure in South West Norway part 2

Day 4 we drive from Egersund to Lindesnes lighthouse, the only lighthouse in Norway which still has a staff working at the site. Our lighthouse guard tells us about the history and shows us around. Next stop is Mandal city where we eat delicious fish soup, play around and go sight seeing. Mandal is the most southern town i Norway.

We arrive Kristiansand where we stay the next to nights. We are invited to Karlas Norwegian host family for cakes, ice cream and a lot of warm harted love. It is a fabulous evening. We stay over at Kristiansand FHS and go sightseeing in the city of Kristiansand and visit Kristiansand dyrepark (the zoo), where we among other animals get to see the Norwegian preditors.

The tuffest get a boat ride with Per Egil. Due to the windy weather, only a few decide to go, but what a blast they have. We also have time to celebrate Karlas birthday with bløtkake or “blaudis” as they say in Kristiansand. Saturday after sightseeing in Kristiansand, we drive home to Elverum. A lot of fun, check,culture, check, learning, check, great experience, check and adventure, check. We got it all!

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