Fun with Marius

You are challenged on coordination, strength, space orientation and closeness to others.

Here you get to challenge your body in gymnastics-related exercises, in a fully equipped gym.

We warm up with toys and challenges to build security with each other in the group. We vary with everything from "the shark is coming", "the tarzan game" and "stick ball", to rhythm and clapping rules.

You will be challenged in basic and more advanced movement patterns on free-standing floors with foam tools. Being close in lifting / carrying each other in acrobatic exercises / positions is part of it.

The embedded competition trampoline is a winner for those who want to train on rotations, spins and flips. It will also be possible to practice flap flaps and forward / backward somersaults in station work.

This is pleasurable and according to one's own wishes / skills.

Fun with Marius. And fun for Marius.

Marius, teacher