Dark room

Learn analog photography and the magical darkroom. 

Today, all photos are stored on a memory card or hard drive, but until the 1990s, the entire photo process was analog. The images were "stored" on a film roll, and it was not possible to look at the images until the film was developed in a darkroom. If the film was exposed to light, it would be damaged.

In darkroom electives, you get to try the whole process. You can borrow an analogue camera, you get film and you learn how to take the pictures. Then we develop the film with different chemicals, before it can be placed in a device that transfers the images on paper, one by one. The paper must also go through a process of chemicals and rinsing before it is finished.

The school has darkrooms and all the equipment needed. If you already have an analog camera, you can bring it. If it does not work, we will try to fix it.

Analog photography and developing in darkrooms is an almost magical process. It is incredibly exciting to see the pictures appear on the film and the paper.