Theme weeks

During the school year, we organize two themed weeks where all the students work together across the lines: "Rare eventyr" and "Elverum folkhighschoolympics".

The theme weeks aim to strengthen the community and provide challenges across the lines. The weeks are full of social events in the evenings. We want the theme weeks to remain as memorable highlights from the school year.

Weird adventure

Groups are created across the lines, and each group will rewrite and produce a completely different version of a well-known, beloved Norwegian folk tale. It will be possible to contribute to scenography, press group, catering and of course on stage. And after four days, there is a premiere with performances for over 400 children from Elverum!

This is an exciting week with concerts, extra good food and the opportunity to make many new friends!

Elverum folk high school ympics

These are Elverum Folk High School's own Olympic Games. The students are divided in imaginary countries, and fight throughout the week for precious metals in exercises such as mini ski sprint, kick relay, poker, Wii boxing, strong- (wo) man and ice swimming.

The biggest exercise is the aid marathon. All students choose an activity they want to do for up to 28 hours in a row, and get sponsors among friends, family and companies who support with 1-20 NOK per. hour that the student endures. The more sponsors, the higher the hourly wage. The money goes to the school's aid project in Uganda, and the sum often exceeds DKK 100!

The country that during the week takes the most medals finally runs away with the prestigious hiking trophy, and gets its country name engraved forever!

Let the games begin! A terrific week of unity and competitions!