Do you want to take a handball line at folk high school?

Folk High School and handball! Train and develop as a handball player in Norway's No. 1 handball city. Get individual guidance to reach the next level.

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The line is suitable for you who…

  • Has experience from the Bring series
  • Has experience from the Lerøy series
  • Has been to a city team
  • Plays at senior level 1st-3rd. miscellaneous

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Club games in spare time

You play matches and train in the evenings with Elverum Handball's senior department - if you wish.

Study trips

Champions League matches and training camps in Aalborg and Barcelona

  • Training camp in Trondheim
  • Training camp in Aalborg
  • Training camp in Barcelona

Read about the study tours

Folk high school and handball

Your individual development as a handball player is in focus. You get to work with dueling games, training understanding, physical training and nutrition. We will develop your technical and tactical skills, and ensure that you receive individually tailored injury prevention training.

Together with you, we will set short-term and long-term goals, and give you guidance in the training work to achieve these.

The most important "talent" to become a good handball player is willingness to train. It has to do with enjoy exercisingand want to competeand patience. It takes time to get good!

Christian Berge

I've learned that it's only good to meet new people, step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself. I got to see and experience a lot of handball and that built on my joy for the sport.

- Simon Hansen

I have gotten to know myself better, and made many new friends. I have also developed a lot as a handball player.

- Åsne Lund

I was very doubtful whether I should apply, but I don't regret it for a second afterwards! You will make friends for life, and the opportunity to do what you think is fun for a whole year.

- Tuva Iversen

The year gave me an extra kick to continue working hard with handball.

- Martin Helland


If you wish, you can get training and match offers, at your level, through Elverum Handball. We also have opportunities for hosting with Storhamar Handball, for women's players who are at this level. There will be close cooperation between the school and the club in terms of training volume and workload.

Go to Elverum Handball's websites.

As a student on the line, you get to see Elverum Handball Men's matches in Terningen Arena. You can also follow some of the training of Elverum Handball towards important matches. You will get tactical choices, see the result of the choices in battle, and discuss the choices before and after.

Folkehøgskolen provides a safe and social everyday life, in a city with great opportunities for handball professional inspiration. We want to help you create ownership for your own training routine.

Study trips with the handball line

  • Training camp in Trondheim
  • Training camp in Aalborg
  • Training camp in Barcelona

Trondheim: Training camp where Christian Berge, Kolstad coach, is in some of the sessions, including the Kolstad match, if it is played in the relevant time period.

Aalborg:  Training camp at Nørresundby Idrætscenter, including Aalborg match in Gigantium, if it is played in the relevant time slot

Barcelona: Stay with training in Santa Susanna, north of Barcelona, ​​and a Barca match in the Palau Blaugrana, if it is played in the relevant time slot

Folk high school and handball in Norway's handball city no. 1!