Experience Trysilfjellet with skis, boards and kites. You join a ski and canoe expedition in Femundsmarka. We spend the night in tents, snow caves, cabins and in the open air for all seasons.

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Experience Norway

Inland, southern, western and northern Norway.

Season pass in Trysil

The card can also be used in your free time.


Equipment park  

You get access to kite equipment, canoes, fishing equipment, tents, lavvos and much, much more.



… Right outside the dormitory door.


131 430 -En suite room

124 460 -Room with shared bathroom

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A year of folk high school, outdoor life and new friends

On the Outdoor Life line, you join in on "everything" the Norwegian outdoor life has to offer. We go on both short trips in the local area, and longer expeditions in southern Norway, western Norway, in northern Norway - and in the hinterland.

You learn to control the weather conditions and the seasons. We sleep in tents, snow caves, cabins, hammocks and in the open air - in forests, on mountains and by water.

Throughout the year you can go hiking in all kinds of terrain, fishing in rivers, water and sea, go skiing with sledges and tents, stand on boards / skis in Trysil, kite, paddle canoes in Femundsmarka and kayak between small island pearls in Western Norway.

The school is located next to Sagtjernet - a fish-rich lake - and Glomma. The Rena river, which is one of Norway's best fishing rivers, is 35 minutes from the school. Trysil, with Norway's largest ski center, is 50 minutes away. Here you get season tickets, which can also be used outside of class.

In addition to learning a lot about the outdoors, I learned a lot about myself and other people. I especially appreciated the good cohesion on the line. The school has a lot of electives, and I got to try a lot of new things.

Emily Dishington, 2019/2020

Key words for the year:

  • mountain hiking 
  • Canoe trips
  • Accommodation in tents, lavvo, huts, gapahuk and snow cave
  • Cooking on a campfire, storm kitchen, hot smoking, cooking pit, salting and drying
  • Ski trips
  • Fishing and ice fishing with nets and rods
  • kiting
  • Glacier
  • Juving
  • Sea kayaking
  • Bear, wolf, lynx and wolverine
  • GPS, map and compass
  • Sustainability
  • Traceless traffic
  • The right of public access

At the school we have our own rail park for skis and boards with rail elements for everything from beginners to advanced driving. Here you can practice day in and out - right outside the dormitory door.

At Friluftsliv you get to challenge yourself with new friends. You learn to use a map and compass, to light a fire in the rain, you get to feel the contrasts from a tired and cold body - to a warm campfire and a warm sleeping bag. We push each other and get good nature experiences together. 

Study trips: Outdoor life

  • Femundsmarka
  • Lofoten
  • Jotunheimen
  • Western Norway - Sea kayaking
  • Hedmarksvidda
  • Rondane
  • Finnskogen
  • Trysil and Engerdal

You will join Trond Strømdahl into an eldorado for canoeing with good paddle sessions, short carrying distances and exciting landscapes in the border areas between Norway and Sweden. We have a fishing rod and tent. Here we can hunt trout, char, perch and grayling. The conditions are conducive to glorious nature experiences. Nothing is like leaning into a pine trunk, looking out over a beautiful body of water, and getting good and warm around a proper campfire.

In the winter season we pack sacks and sledges, straps our skis and sets off into Femundsmarka. Here is a beautiful winter landscape ready to be challenged and enjoyed. You join good day marches and accommodation in tents, as well as cooking in storm kitchens. We bring ice drills and fishing rods. Femundsmarka is known for good trout and char water. Along the way we go hiking and get to experience beautiful views of large parts of Femundsmarka. 

Good cultural experiences await you when we travel to Lofoten. Many who have cranked in a real Lofoten cod of 7-10 kg, remember it for the rest of their lives. We travel along Lofoten and visit historical and cultural sights, among other things Lofotr Viking Museum and colorful artisans who are inspired by the fantastic nature, light and weather in this gem of Norway. In March, the opportunities to experience the northern lights are also great. 

You end the hiking experiences with a trip to Vestland county. The island kingdom Solund at the far end of the Sognefjord is described as one of Norway's finest kayak destinations. Here you get courses in sea kayaking and wet cards. At Litle Færøyna you get a good introduction to coastal culture and sustainable utilization of natural resources in a vulnerable landscape by Roar Moe from the Coastal Culture Academy.

Regarding Covid-19

Due to Covid-19 and constant changes in the infection situation, it is difficult to say for sure for the coming school year. But we follow all infection control advice and travel advice given by the authorities. We plan for an almost normal school year, and so that all travel can take place as normal. But we will work out good alternative solutions if this is not possible. Destinations on study trips can be added elsewhere (including domestically) if natural disasters or other external and extraordinary circumstances occur which the school does not control, and which significantly affect the implementation of the trip. No financial compensation is normally given for this.

Experience nature and get to know many new people!