This is what the students say about Elverum Folkehøgskole

We have collected feedback from former students on all our lines.

Reader's post (VG): Look at the folk high schools!

«Folkehøgskolen are more than a gap year: They are educational courses that shape mature, young people». -HILDE GUNN SLOTTEMO, professor of history, Nord University.

Art / Experiences

Marit Hegstad

I recommend Elverum folk high school because the relationship I have with the teachers is so special. All of the teachers/staff genuinely deeply care about the students. They are so willing to do whatever is needed to make sure students are safe and comfortable. Coming from the outside of Norway it can be difficult to adjust to the volume of language being thrown at you, but the teachers work hard to make sure students who don't speak as much Norwegian are able to understand what's going on.

Backpacker / Extreme sports

Elfride Hageman

I have experienced so much cool things on the Backpacker/Extremsport line. All the trips and activities we have done this half year have exceeded all my expectations - especially the people. I have made good friends from many different countries 🌍

Art / Experiences

Aurora Meek Kolstrom

I recommend Elverum FHS because not only do you get a little break after high school, but you get to do something you like and challenge yourself, become independent, experience wonderful things and meet so many different and wonderful people. You get memories for a lifetime!

Art / Experiences

Kine Jørgensen

I have learned a lot at Art/Experiences about different techniques and am inspired every day by the people in the class. I've done things I thought I wouldn't like, but found out I love. I am supported by my fellow students, and get help if I get stuck. The environment in the class is incredibly good and I am very glad I chose Elverum FHS.

Photo / Experiences

Isak Engstad Fjeld

I expected to find a place where I could explore photography and develop myself via study trips, what happens at school and develop projects with constructive criticism from a very skilled photography teacher. Those expectations were met and I feel I have learned a lot in six months, e.g. new techniques in Photoshop and Bridge, new ways of thinking about photography, and a whole lot of technical stuff.

The beauty of the lessons here is that the teacher is very good at accommodating everyone's needs and skill level!

From the social side you quickly learn to spend time with many different personalities and people - a good and enriching experience you need everywhere!

Backpacker / Extreme sports

Eirik Sæten

I have always been social and enjoyed being with people. At the folk college I have found an environment where I can share my interests and joy with other like-minded people.

I'm only half a year into the school year and I've already met people I've come to really like.

Africa - Aid / Culture

Leah Sophie Hansen-Elgueta

I learn a lot, go outside my comfort zone and get to contribute a lot. Being an "everyday friend" has really made an impression. I have had so many good conversations with both adults and children!

Content production

Halvor "KitchenJam" Thorsnes

I am looking forward to working on the line. Together we will explore exciting and valuable material, which is becoming more and more relevant and sought after.

Music - Band / Vocals

Sigurd Dager

It was incredibly good to be on both the line and the school in general. Incredibly good teachers both academically and just generally good through and through. Lots of cool activities and memories related to the time at Elverum.

I have learned that I can achieve more than I think. Learned the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone and that it's not always so dangerous if things don't go as perfectly as you hoped because there's a lot of learning behind it anyway.

The social environment at school was just fantastic. A lot of different personalities there, but all of them were wonderfully nice people. It didn't take long at school before I felt that everyone on the line and the school in general was one big family. It has meant an incredible amount to me to attend Elverum FHS. I have become safer socially and got to know myself better. It has also opened several doors afterwards in that, among other things, I have been able to volunteer in Uganda and do various projects there.  

I would say GO FOR IT to anyone considering applying. You are guaranteed to find a line that you will enjoy and you will have wonderful experiences that you will remember for the rest of your life and make friends for life. You will also learn a lot about yourself and be able to develop into the best version of yourself.

Art / Experiences

Kamilla Hausken

The good thing about the line is that we don't just learn drawing and painting, we learn so many different things in the short year we are here. It doesn't feel stressful either, because we have a teacher who takes the time to help us. We leave here with lots of experience, both about art and living alone.

I've learned that I can do most things if I set my mind to it. I have become more independent and self-confident since I started school.

The social environment on the line is very inclusive and supportive. It is easy to get to know people because there are activities planned in the evenings where you meet other students from the different streams.

Music - Band / Vocals

Hjalti Unnar Hjaltason

It was an experience to be a student at Elverum FHS, with some challenges, but many highlights. I met many wonderful people and made absolutely incredible friends.

I learned it's best to just throw yourself into lots of different things and just try. Most likely it will be fun, otherwise you will just find something else.

The social environment at school was absolutely fantastic. I met so many absolutely amazing people who live everywhere, which makes it a little difficult to keep in touch sometimes, but you always find time to call them and see how they are doing.

Music - Band / Vocals

Maren W. Davidsen

When I first came to Elverum, I didn't quite know what to expect, but the year has offered a lot of learning and development - both skill-wise and as a person. It has made me realize that there is so much you can actually achieve, despite what you might think. The year at Elverum FHS is a time I will always long to return to.

Art / Experiences

Anders Koranda

The best thing about starting at Elverum folkehøgskole is the closeness you build with those around you. Both with your teachers, your fellow students on the line and your roommate.

On the line, you will be surrounded by people who, regardless of level, have the same interest as you, and you will have as much freedom as you want to do what you like, in addition to a teacher who is pleasant, motivating and helps you further.

At school it is very easy to get a sense of mastery, and if you come here as a gap year - as I did - you learn that you are capable of much more than you think, both when it comes to independence, academically and the social.

At school there are always opportunities to socialize with others and endless things you can do together. So you can be as social as you want. But if you want to take a break and retreat a bit, that is also an option. This freedom to always be able to choose between being social or being a bit at peace is something I have really appreciated.

If you are willing to get involved in a new social environment and ready to be put out of your comfort zone, I would say that folkehøgskole is a fantastic choice!

Art / Experiences

Linn Thoresen

I think it is very nice to be an art student, I get to try out many new techniques and materials.

This year has given me a new and more free perspective on my art. The school has many different lines and people, from many different places, so I learn a lot about both them and me. I have learned how much I enjoy meeting new people. I have learned how to structure my life and time, with hobbies, social and work.

It's very social at school, and on my least social days I talk to around 20+ people. We are constantly getting to know new people, and always have someone to hang out with.

If you are looking for a school where you can meet as many different people as possible, and learn as many different things as possible, the school is perfect for you. Kunstlinja is so nice and no two days are the same. You have a lot of time and equipment to immerse yourself in your art, and you explore a lot of new things.

Backpacker / Extreme sports

Sigurd Kristiansen

My year on the Backpackre/Extremesport line was full of good experiences, wonderful trips and new friendships.

We at the backpacker line quickly became a close-knit group with an open and inclusive environment. On the backpacker line, I was challenged both physically and socially. I learned a lot about myself and other people. In addition to an introduction to surfing, snowboarding and lots of other fun.

A year at Elverum Folkehøgskole is perfect for anyone who wants a social year where there is always something to do and it is impossible to get bored.

Music - Band / Vocals

Tuva Ludvigsen Sundby

Being a student in the music department was incredibly fun. We learned a lot of music theory, got to write songs and had a lot of fun together!
I have learned that I can do what I want. I was able to push my limits and go outside my comfort zone in a safe environment. I grew a lot during my year at folk high school.   
The social environment was very good, both on the line and at school! There was good cohesion between all the lines, and I made many friends from different places in Norway and the world!

Snowboard / Freeski

Debbie Paknyte

My year at Elverum Folkehøgskole is probably one of my top 10 favorite memories. At school, everyone was so incredibly nice and welcoming, and you became like a big family. The class became like a core family and we experienced an incredible amount of fun together. As a student, I experienced a lot of new things and found new interests such as surfing.

During my year at Elverum Fhs, I learned an incredible amount about myself. Mainly my focus was on challenging myself and believing in myself. I always used to say "no, I can't do that" if I had to try a new trick. But then Marius or the class always came in the background and convinced me of the opposite. And they were always right. I learned that you can do much more than you think. And this is something I take with me further in life.

The social environment at school could not be better. You always had someone to talk to and everyone was incredibly inclusive. Our class had an incredibly good environment and there was a guarantee of laughter during the class hour. Even though I was the only girl in the class for a while, the boys always looked out for me. I was always just as much involved and just as much included. It was also very easy to become good friends with people across the lines, and I ended up with best friends completely opposite of me.

Don't judge, apply now! The year at Elverum has been one of my best choices. You learn so much about yourself and others. You experience so many exciting things and get memories for a lifetime. In addition, you will meet many nice people and make many new friends. The teachers at Elverum are also worth mentioning. Everyday life at Elverum would not have been the same without them! But really, a year at Elverum FHS is something you won't regret!

Photo / Experiences

Emma Moen Kristensen

During my semester as a photography student, I was introduced to some of the very best friends I have. I have rarely met nicer people than I did then, and I am eternally grateful that they are still a big part of my life today. I know for sure that they always will be.

And if that wasn't enough, I was also introduced to what I have realized is one of my biggest passions. I have always been fond of photography, but when I decided to start the photography line I was finally allowed to immerse myself properly in the subject. With a wonderful teacher who supported me, and challenged me to become better as both a person and a photographer, photography has become my favorite hobby. During the time after folk college, I have been allowed to photograph many lovely people and stories! The photo line is recommended♥️

Music - Band / Vocals

Rebekka Konstanse Almås

The school has a great range of electives, and several good programs that create a good community. I've learned so much about myself, and made friends for life that I would never have met if it wasn't for Elverum folk high school.

Norwegian - Culture / Adventure

Finja Koenig

Grateful for these nice people, for this beautiful school, all the experiences and memories, trips and conversations. Thank you for this unforgettable year!

Snowboard / Freeski

Olav Isak Utgaard

Folkehøgskole works almost like a bus stop. You get a year to wait, think and find out which bus you want to take next.

Music - Band / Vocals

Sophie Lyngmo

It has been wonderful to be a student in the music department. I have experienced a lot throughout the year and learned a lot about myself, e.g. how I can develop my voice further. Music is a big part of my life, both at work and privately.
At school, I got to know many new people who I see maybe a few times a year (that's how it is when you've settled in the north), but I'm still in contact with many through social media.
To those of you who are considering applying, I would say "go for it", this is a year that you will never forget and that you will not want to miss. You will learn a lot about yourself. Apply for something you've never done before, or continue with your hobby and what interests you!

Photo / Experiences

Sophie Solheim

Elverum Folkehøgskule was a completely unique year that I always want to remember. The school and the lines themselves were very complete and rich in content (especially the photo!), but it was the people there that made the year so memorable. I didn't think myself that I was such a social person, but that way of thinking changed drastically after a year in Elverum!

A tip from me is to take care of the relationships you create during the year, because then you always have a bit of folk college cool with you in life. Friendships don't have to end even if the year does.


Simon Wang

The year in Elverum was great from day one. The teachers are very good and nice people! In particular, I got in good contact with the teachers for my line.

I've learned what it's like to live so close to others, and especially my roommate. How to get good routines for things, and how to adapt in relation to each other, based on your needs.

The social environment at school was absolutely superb. By living so close to each other, you get to know each other very well in a short time. At school you will meet all different types of people, and you get to know people who are different from the ones you usually associate with. For me, it has been a positive experience to take with me.

After the school year, I still keep in touch with many people, and I have made friends I will never lose. I live with a friend from my line, and my boyfriend, from another line, who I also met at school. It just goes to show that you are known across the lines too!

If you're considering applying, just do it. I myself was skeptical about whether I should, but was persuaded by some friends who had done it before. I can say that I don't regret it for a second. The year in Elverum was great and I have made friends for life!


Eivind Andre Kylland

We spent a lot of time on indoor training, and learned a lot of new things both technically and tactically. In addition, the staff at the school were very good at setting up activities across lines, so that you made friends all over the school.

I learned a lot about what it's like to live with several people my age at the same time, and how to respect those you live with. At the same time, I learned a lot about my own interests and had plenty of time to decide what I wanted to do after the school year.

The environment on the line was very good, and we were a good group who had a lot of fun together. There was always something fun to do and a day at school was never boring. I still talk to many of the friends I made at fhs, and they are still a big part of my everyday life.

To a future applicant, I would say that a year at folk university is something you absolutely do not want to miss. You are guaranteed to make good friends who will last a lifetime, and learn a lot about yourself and others. It is a perfect opportunity to have a year's break from work and school, and gives you plenty of time to think about what you want later in life.

Norwegian - Culture / Adventure

Camilla Scotolatti

I love Elverum FHS. I have learned so much about Norway, and also about myself. The teachers are lovely and all the activities are exciting. I will never forget this year.

Backpacker / Extreme sports

Synnøve Bysveen

At Elverum Folkehøgskole there are dedicated teachers and lifelong friends. If I had been allowed, I would have stayed at school for the rest of my life and learned new, exciting things every single day!

Music - Band / Vocals

Ann Emilie Knapstad

Good access to play music around the clock. "Words for the day" always gave the days a good start. I have learned a lot from lectures, seminars and life stories from the teachers - and got to know many nice people!


Simon Hansen

Being a student at the school was also great. Lots of nice trips and experiences as well as great electives and good plans. All in all, it was a very nice experience to be a student.

I've learned that it's only good to meet new people, step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself. Then both socially and in activities I am a stranger to.
I have subsequently felt it easier to take on new tasks and to try new things.

At school it was inevitable to be social and make new friends. The school makes great arrangements for social activities and you are surrounded by great people all the time.

At school I made many new friends that I keep in touch with, and I hope I will stay in touch with them for a long time to come. It is great to have so many friends in so many places in Norway and other countries for that matter.

If you are considering applying and are in doubt, I would simply say: just apply, you won't regret it, that's for sure 😊

Africa - Aid / Culture

Snorre Klarpås

Every month at Elverum FHS felt like a whole year - we had so much fun!

Theme weeks, fun teachers, an adventure in Africa and evenings in the fireplace room with good friends, made this an unforgettable school year!

Snowboard / Freeski

Nicolas Nizo Storms

It's nice to be with people who have the same interest as me. We have a lot of fun together, and every time someone has a birthday we go bowling and eat pizza to holiday the person, it's always great! It is a good counterbalance to a lot of energy and boyish mood.

The feeling on the ground is fantastic, some music to my ear and nice weather, then I can not ask for anything better.

Art / Experiences

Helena Solheim

The best thing about this line is that you get to explore many different mediums in art, everything from knife making to acrylic painting, together with others who also like to be creative.

It is difficult to find one specific memory that is the best, but all the good memories I have are with the friends I have made during the school year and all the fun things we have done.

The most important thing I have learned this autumn is washing clothes. No, it's probably that I've learned to pay more attention to myself and others around me.

Snowboard / Freeski

Mathias Benonisen

The best thing about going on the line is the people and the good class environment. We give feedback and motivate each other for positive development. I must also not forget to mention our teacher, Marius. He is always positive with a good tip in store.  

It will be difficult to find just one "best" memory, but the best must be having met so many new wonderful people.

My goal is to get better at skiing and develop my skills on jumps and rails, and of course have fun.

One of the most important things I've learned is that you can do most things if you really want to. It is important to try! If someone is better than you, they have most likely failed several times.

Norwegian - Culture / Adventure

Marlou Van Elsland

Best thing about this course:
It is so interesting to be in a class with people from all over the world! Everyone is very different and yet so similar. We learn a lot about the Norwegian culture by being here, but we also learn about all the cultures that are represented in our class.

Favorite project so far:
With the class: our trip to South-West Norway! We did a lot of different things so there was something for everyone. We went hiking on Preikestolen, learned about the Norwegians and their oil in Stavanger and we went to Kristiansand zoo to learn about the Norwegian predators. I also wrote a blog about this trip on 
Elverum's website, you can check that out too!

With the school:
the theme week! We rewrote Norwegian fairytales to be more modern or a bit funny. 

That week I learned to speak Norwegian more freely because we had to perform the fairytales to the children in Elverum in Norwegian! They had lots of fun and we did too. During that week the classes were mixed so I made more friends in other lines as well. Everyone is so engaged here!

Best memories:
I have made so many new friends in the Norwegian line and in other lines too. We are all here to help each other grow as people. For example we cheer each other up when we feel like giving up. The time we hiked up to Peikestolen we were all helping each other to get up to the top, and we did it! Everyone made it! I was so proud of us all. The people here care about each other and that makes this place feel very safe and comforting.

What is the most important thing you have learned this semester?
I became more mature since I came here. No one is here to hold you down or judge you. I grew as a person and on my own terms. Elverum FHS is a very comforting environment to be in and I can't wait for the next half year to come!


Asne Lund

No day is the same here at Folke høgskolen, so I get new memories every day. It can be anything from going on trips together, to sitting in front of the fireplace and talking.

I have gotten to know myself better, and made many new friends. I have also developed a lot as a handball player.


Tuva Iversen

In the hall and strength room we had a keen and skilled trainer who really wanted to help us develop. I learned a lot that I have taken with me and still use in my daily training.

At the school in general, there is always something to do and a good atmosphere. You are never alone at school, while it is also possible to withdraw a little when you need to.

About myself, I learned that it's fine to be yourself around others who are quite different from myself and that you can disagree with people, but still be friends.

We also got to know each other well across the lines, as we had electives across lines and some shared a room with someone from another line. In addition, I remember particularly well the week we had the Folkhighschoolympics, where we were divided into teams across the lines and competed with and against each other.

The people I got to know well at Elverum fhs are my best friends today!

To those of you who are considering applying, I would say: apply! I myself was very doubtful whether I should apply, but I don't regret it for a second afterwards! You will make friends for life, and the opportunity to do what you think is fun for a whole year.

Africa - Aid / Culture

Simon Rørtveit-Nesheim

Elverum Folkehøyskole is a great place for young people who want to experience a new way of living their lives. Variety, honesty, genuineness, perspective and excitement are among some of the things you will experience if you start school. You will meet people from all over the world, get an insight into different cultures and, not least, learn to live with others. 
I chose to start on the Africa line — mainly out of spontaneous desire, something I don't regret for a second. I am alone as a boy in a class with otherwise only girls. This may seem problematic, but so far I have encountered nothing but love, knowledge and good experiences. I am basically a very active boy who has been involved in sports and training for years, which I still do. It may therefore seem like an unusual choice for me to start at Africa - Aid/Culture. This is exactly what I wondered before I started — I thought it might not suit me and just make everyday life tame and boring. I was so wrong. Namely, the fact that I started on the Africa line has been the reason why my school days are as good as they are. The Africa line gives me a varied everyday life, makes me challenge my own values, gives me insight and perspective, not to mention the opportunity it gives to get to know so many lovely, unique people. 
The teachers at the school are experienced and skilled in their field and know how to approach young people/young adults. Some are social geniuses, others are a little more withdrawn — which creates a nice variety and a good basis for learning. 

Africa - Aid / Culture

Mille Marie Lindblom

I would recommend Elverum Folkehøgskole because it is a place where you can be yourself. It is a place where you learn a lot, and meet many different personalities. The chance of finding friends for life is very high. The red buildings are also in a great location, with only a walk to the centre.

Africa - Aid / Culture

Maria Ripsrud Fossum

I recommend Elverum Folkehøgskole because I have developed much better qualities within several of my interests, in addition to being able to test and expand all boundaries. You learn to know people, learn consideration, boundaries, interests, abilities and you become friends with people you didn't think you would be friends with.

Africa - Aid / Culture

Mina Vaaden

I recommend Elverum Folkehøgskule because I have never felt such a sense of belonging, as I do here. The feeling of being seen is very often present. 

Africa - Aid / Culture

Lea Lindahl Neeb

I recommend Elverum Folkehøgskole because I get to challenge myself both socially and academically. Constantly being around other people in roughly the same life situation as you is very educational and rewarding. 

Africa - Aid / Culture

Lena Eriksen

Elverum folk high school
-Guaranteed an exciting and content-rich year
- You get room to develop as a person
- It is a nice school with many places that make it very easy to socialize with many people
-100% you will find a friend or more
-Learning to accept other people that you might not want to talk to otherwise in life

Africa - Aid / Culture

Johanne Undheim

I recommend Elverum folkehøgskule because you get to know an incredible number of different people and teachers that you wouldn't otherwise get to know. I have also challenged myself on the social front and my values ​​and attitudes. I also recommend it because you experience so much and learn a lot of different things. You also get to spend a year doing something you like without grades and tests, but at the same time you are challenged on different things in a safe environment.

Photo / Experiences

Tuva Kristine Angelshaug

Elverum Folkehøgskule has given me an incredible amount, both socially and knowledge-wise! Within a good framework, I have learned a lot about photography, myself and the world around me. You get the time and desire to familiarize yourself with things and topics that you yourself think are important! Combined with unforgettable experiences and friends for life, this will be a year for which I am eternally grateful!

Backpacker / Extreme sports

Eir Kjeøy

I have learned that I enjoy being with people for a long time to a much greater extent than I thought. When I'm in the room to myself I feel like meeting people and inventing things.

At Backpacker/Extreme Sport, I've learned that what you're good at is so different. Suddenly, something you're really good at appears, and it's really cool. I have also discovered that there is more to learn about backpacking than I thought.

To someone who is considering applying, I would say: expect a bunch of totally different personalities, and bring a warm sleeping bag 😂

I would recommend Elverum folkehøgskole because there are so many students at the school that you can always get to know more people. The school is located right by Sagtjernet, so you can swim in the summer and go ice-skating in the winter.

Art / Experiences

Theodor Bakken

Since we do so many different things almost every week, I have learned a bit of everything. We have been doing everything from knife making and sewing to painting and anatomy. The Art/Experiences line goes through many different media and techniques and was exactly why I chose this school.

I've learned that even if it's okay to retire to my room alone, I'd rather be with my friends all day. My goal this year was to make as many good friends as possible and I have really achieved that.  

The social environment both on the line and at school is absolutely fantastic! We are a tight-knit group, and I feel I can talk about most things to both my fellow students and my teachers.

To those who are considering applying, I would say that it is definitely worth it! As long as you aim to make the best of it, you will make friends and memories for life

I recommend Elverum folk high school because I have learned a lot about myself and others this year and think it is something everyone should experience.

Art / Experiences

Nora Louise Grimstad

In my line subject, I have learned about many different artistic expressions. We have done everything from knife making to painting and glassblowing, and it is very rewarding to be able to try so many different things.

About myself, I have learned more about how big a social need I have, and a lot about how I have to behave when I have to live with others.

The social environment on the line and the school is very good. I know the names of most of the people who go here, and always have someone to go with. I have made some very good friendships that will last a long time.

To anyone considering applying, I would say it is important to think about what you want to get out of the year and apply to a school that will meet your needs. One of the things that was important to me was a great diversity of students, and at Elverum FHS I think everyone will find someone they can relate to.

I recommend Elverum Folkehøgskole because there are enthusiastic and good teachers who teach us academically, but also about social things. You do many different activities in addition to the courses, and there is a wide range of elective subjects. The school has a large diversity of students with nine different streams.

Art / Experiences

Live Junkyard

So far I have learned to experiment with colours, both through drawing, painting and sewing. I have had cups made in ceramics and glass in glass blowing, which I have never tried before. I have made earrings, rings, and jewelry with beads and fusing glass, and I have also learned how to draw with charcoal and how to make linoleum prints.

About myself, I have learned that there is no better setting for me than having a project that I can prioritize just when it suits me, and I get to sit in the classroom and work on it in peace and quiet and listen to music . When I'm inside it, I have an inner peace, and can keep going for hours.

I think the social environment here at school is really cozy and you are accepted just the way you are. Everyone is different but they are here for the same reason, they want to create a good atmosphere and take advantage of the opportunity to have fun making friends for life both in the class and across the lines.

To those who are considering applying, I would say JUST DO IT! You will not regret this. At this community college, you get the opportunity to get to know yourself and many others. Nobody knows you from the start, so here is your chance to start with a blank slate.

I recommend Elverum folkehøgskole because you get the opportunity to try so many different things, and find out which activities and things you might want to prioritize doing more of in the future, both on a hobby basis and perhaps also through education and work.
This will be an unforgettable year!

Music - Band / Vocals

Jonathan Choquet

It's easier to learn in this community. You get to know the teachers very well and that makes me want to learn more. This is not just about grades. We get to learn what is important to us, we learn because we want to and because it is fun.

Music - Band / Vocals

Torvald Vrålstad

Never felt so at home in the world as I did here. Memories and friends for life!

Art / Experiences

Charlotte Lucia Kristiansen

Art/Experiences have given me good opportunities for development within art! You experiment with different media and techniques, and you have a fantastic teacher who gives good feedback and guidance further in the process! 


Martin Helland

One of the things I especially think back to is the social aspect, - having nice people around me all the time, with whom I came up with a lot of different things!

The year gave me an extra kick to continue working hard with handball. And it largely helped to influence the choice I made to move to Trondheim, together with my roommate from folk college, to play handball.

With specific follow-up and a lot of help in everyday training, I developed both on and off the handball court. We trained a lot and that provided a good basis for the upcoming season.

Snowboard / Freeski

Håvard Ljosland Nylund

Anyone with an interest in boards and skiing should apply!

Africa - Aid / Culture

Synne Wagnhildshaug

The year at Elverum FHS has given me good memories, close friends and wonderful experiences, which I will take with me further in life. You become part of a larger community filled with positivity and commitment - something I would certainly recommend to everyone!

Africa - Aid / Culture

Ulrik Lien Svarstad

I am glad I chose Elverum. Linja has an extremely good class environment and challenging activities. Recommended for those who like to help people, and those who want to experience African culture.

Africa - Aid / Culture

Ida Gabrielsen

Unforgettable and educational experience in a safe environment!

Africa - Aid / Culture

Mathilde Grøttebø

I went to Africa Aid/Culture. Expectations were sky high after reading about both the line and the school. Now I can confirm that folk university is fantastic - both the social and all subjects!

Africa - Aid / Culture

Madeleine Guttormsen

An incredibly educational and exciting year! Experiences, memories and friends that will last a lifetime 🙂

Africa - Aid / Culture

Maja Linnea Hedin Haugen

I went to Afrika Bistand/Kultur and don't regret it for a second. This year at this school has been my best year so far 😍
All the teachers are super nice and they take care of you, you always feel safe and you have fun everyday ❤️
I couldn't have chosen a better place to go to school.

Art / Experiences

Hedda Laier Nybø

Best choice of my life to go here! Fantastic school❤️

Snowboard / Freeski

Silke Termansen

Fantalastic 🤠 Start!!! I was on Snowboard/Freeski 😎

Art / Experiences

Julie Alma Johannessen

My best year ever! Strongly recommended.

Backpacker / Extreme sports

Maria Nikoline Klette

Have had a fantastic year, thanks to all staff and students!

Norwegian - Culture / Adventure

Ricardo Cantú

Best experience of my life in Norway as a foreigner!

I even learned to speak Norwegian at a high level. Came from Mexico to the small and beautiful Elverum and I couldn't be happier with that choice.

Elverum is my home!

Thank you so much for the year, and forever,

Thanks for everything.

Norwegian - Culture / Adventure

Jack Muir

I have had a fantastic year at Elverum Folkehøgskole. The staff is fantastic, and the campus is so nice and in a beautiful location. I also got to travel all around Norway with them. Highly recommended.

Norwegian - Culture / Adventure

Michel Schwank

It was absolutely one of the best years of my life here! The social environment is absolutely fantastic and all the teachers are super nice and helpful!
I am so incredibly grateful for this school and can only recommend it highly!

Photo / Experiences

Aurora Bredesen

Went for a photo, Eivind is embarrassingly cool!

Photo / Experiences

Fredrik Sagen

The most idyllic place, and a beautiful school. Not a single negative word about this place… Except a little too much snow at times. Highly recommended!!!😀👍

Photo / Experiences

Jakob Grjotheim Hareide

There is room for everyone on the photo line. Manual settings, Photoshop and Bridge are just some of what you learn, and together we create a good environment.

Photo / Experiences

Line Magde Lunde Hatleskog


Photo / Experiences

Una Charlotte Næss

What a fantastic year! Because of all the different lines, you get the opportunity to get to know many different people. You get to try, experience and learn an incredible amount in a short time!

Backpacker / Extreme sports

Emma Nyvoll

For me, who likes to try new things, travel and look for an adrenaline rush, the line is a good match. The people on the line also become connected very quickly. Being a student at the school is also incredibly fun and educational. Since so many people are gathered in the same place, you can always find someone to spend time with. For me, who has never lived away from home before, it is also good practice for later in life.

I've learned a lot about myself during my time at FHS, including how quickly I'm influenced by dialects, hahaha.

What I like best about the line are probably the trips we go on and that we get to spend so much time on the ski slopes. And of course the people on the line.

The social environment at the school is very good and people are very welcoming. It has meant a lot and has meant that I have formed strong bonds with several people.

Art / Experiences

Simen Eide Gaudernack

It is generally a good experience to be a student at Kunstlinja, and at Elverum FHS.

If you feel that you resonate with one of the main subjects, then you will hardly find a better place to explore this interest than at Elverum folkehøgskole. At the same time, you have to be prepared that you will try a lot of new and strange things, which means that you cannot cling to just one aspect of the subject you want to study, but rather push yourself to be more open and learn to stand outside your comfort zone.

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