What do I need on the trip to Glitterheim?

Package list for the get-to-know-you trip to Jotunheimen.

Clothing - Clothing

  • Windproof jacket and trousers -  Windbreaker jacket / pants
  • Mountain shoes / good boots -  Hiking boots
  • Sneakers - Trainers
  • Hat and mittens -  Hat and gloves
  • Wool sweater / fleece / thick sweater -   Warm sweather
  • Wool underwear -  Wool underwear
  • Underwear - underwear
  • Warm socks -  Warm socks (wool)
  • Underwear - clothes to wear inside
  • Sunglasses -  sunglasses

Equipment - Equipment

  • Large bag / bag -  big backpack / bag
  • Daypack -  small backpack
  • Sleeping bag, sheet bag or bedding -  sleeping bag, blanket cover, pillowcase and sheet
  • Towel -  towel
  • camera  - camera
  • Toiletries  - toiletries
  • Flashlight / headlamp - flashlight / headlamp
  • Thermos - thermos
  • Water bottle - water bottle
  • Plate box - plate, cup and cutlery set
  • Gnawing plasters - friction band aid (chafing band aid)
  • Sunscreen - sunscreen


Do I have to have all the equipment? If you are missing something, or are unsure whether what you have is good enough, contact a teacher well in advance of departure.

Do I need all the equipment? If you have any questions concerning your equipment, contact one of the teachers.

Is there telephone coverage at the cottage? No. There may be coverage towards the top of Glittertind.

Is there cell phone coverage in the cabin? No. There may be coverage near the peak of Glittertind.

Is there anything to buy at the cottage? Yes it is a small kiosk with chocolate, soft drinks and a little something else, but it is quite expensive.

Do we have access to a shop of any kind? Yes. There is a small kiosk at the cabin, but it is quite expensive.

Should we stop during the bus ride up and down? Yes. On the way up and down from the mountain we take a short break for toilet visits.

Do we stop anywhere on the way up and down from the mountain? Yes. On our way up and down we take a short break to go to the toilet.