What can you do in Elverum?

Elverum is not the center of the world, but is often underestimated - we think. That is why we have made a list of activities in Elverum - and it is far from complete.

Dice Arena

Hamarvegen 112, 2411 Elverum
62 43 03 80

The Dice Arena is a multi-purpose hall. Elverum Handball plays home matches here, there is a top-equipped modern gym, there is a climbing wall and a boulder wall, as well as a fitness center, college and sports facilities. Large concerts and events are also held here.

Elverum activity park

Elverum activity park
Picture taken from Elverum municipality's website.

Elverum activity park is located between Elverum ungdomsskole and Glomma, and contains

  • skatepark
  • pump track (scooter track)
  • parkour park
  • learning arena with trees, geometric shapes and mathematical formulas
  • balance park
  • hammocks
  • chess board
  • bocce court
  • compass with clock inside
  • note system
  • bicycle parking
  • playground with climbing ship and castle
  • remember
  • paradise on asphalt
  • sand volleyball court
  • basketball court
  • outdoor barbecue area
  • fitness park
  • seating

The Glomdal Museum

Museumsvegen 15, 2406 Elverum
62 41 91 00

Glomdalsmuseet in Elverum is one of the Nordic region's largest open-air museums, and Norway's third largest in terms of building stock. Glomdalsmuseet is a cultural history museum for Solør and Østerdalen. The museum park contains 92 houses from this area. The multicultural Hedmark is also an important theme the museum is working on. Since 2000, the Glomdal Museum has had national responsibility for documenting the culture and history of the Romani people / Tatars.

In the area you can see animals in summer, it is great to catch tadpoles and frogs, and all year round you can see exhibitions.

Norwegian Forest Museum

Solørvegen 151, 2407 Elverum
62 40 90 00

The Norwegian Forest Museum is a museum with national responsibility for the outfield industries of hunting, hunting, fishing, forestry, forestry and the forest industry. The museum has a view of the Glomma. The museum has an offer for the whole family, and we are one of the largest museums in Norway with over 100 visitors annually. Every year, the Nordic Hunting and Fishing Days are held in August. This is an important meeting place for forest and outdoor enthusiasts.

Here you can see everything from stuffed animals to forest machines, photos and product design, eat at the Forstmann restaurant, and experience large beautiful outdoor areas along the Glomma. The permanent exhibition "The Fantastic Tree" is well worth a visit.

Bowling 1 River room

Group of students at bowling

Kirkevegen 58, 2409 Elverum
62 43 14 44

  • Bowling Hall
  • Laser tag
  • Indoor golf

Elverum golf

Picture taken from elverumgolfklubb.no

Starmoen, 2411 Elverum
624 13 588

Beautiful forest course located on Starmoen in Elverum, only 15 min from the center.
The course is built on sandy ground, which means that there are good playing conditions, even after long periods of precipitation. The special ground conditions are also shown by the fact that large, natural bunkers have been laid out, which gives the course a distinctive character in addition to increasing the degree of difficulty on the course. The track is relatively narrow, so it is wise to think strategically, and it is not necessarily that the driver is the best choice from the tee. The club organizes many tournaments that are open to guests, including The Nightmare, where three rounds are played in one day. This is a very popular tournament that is fully booked early. (Text from teeoff.no)

Tufteparken - Sandodden

Location on Google maps

On "Sandodden" along Sagtjernet is a Tuftepark with various exercise equipment and obstacles.

Kremmertorget shopping center

Kirkevegen 4, 2406 Elverum
624 31 290

Kremmertorget is Østerdalen's largest shopping center. With 55 shops and 360 free parking spaces in the center of Elverum.

The saw blade

Group bathing in Sagtjernet
Young people pose and smile on skates

Location on Google maps

Elverum's finest swimming area with sandy beach, diving tower and playground. Walking and cycling path around the pond with prepared campfire sites in several places, as well as a sand volleyball court and Tufte park. Ice skating in winter and suitable for ice fishing. Fishing opportunities also in summer.

Revlberget seats

Location on Google maps

Setra is open with serving of waffles on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and sour cream porridge on Sunday. The other days you can bring along. There are animals to see, and sandbox with toys.

Elverum cinema / Elverum culture house

Storgata 18, 2406 Elverum
62 43 33 33 *

Elverum Kulturhus is a regional culture house and opened in December 1993. Elverum Kulturhus is a multi-purpose building with two halls, both adapted for cinema, theater, concerts and seminars. The large living room is well equipped with modern stage technology, sound and lighting equipment. Storstua has 343 seats and Veslestua has 60 seats. We have 3D viewing equipment in both halls.

Movies on War film festival

Elverum culture house

Film festival focusing on the themes of peace and reconciliation, war and conflict, which is held in November every year. The films cover a wide range of conflicts and current topics and are introduced by filmmakers or skilled people in the various disciplines.

Railpark - Elverum FHS

Railpark at Elverum Folk High School

Strandbygdveien 143, 2409 Elverum

Railpark for snowboarding and skiing open to everyone from the snow falls in the fall until it disappears in the spring. The park has a large selection of different elements for all levels and levels of difficulty. The park is operated by Elverum Folk High School.

Football field - Elverum FHS

The football field at Elverum Folk High School

Strandbygdveien 143, 2409 Elverum

Soccer field with big and small goals.

Sand volleyball court - Elverum FHS

Students at Elverum FHS play volleyball

Strandbygdveien 143, 2409 Elverum

Sand volleyball court open to everyone.

Disc golf - Elverum FHS

Strandbygdveien 143, 2409 Elverum

Six-hole course in park / forest.

Mart'n Center - AMFI shopping center

Torggata 3, 2408 Elverum
950 77 636

AMFI Elverum has just under 40 shops, cafés and restaurants, as well as health services. The center is relatively new but is constantly being upgraded, and has a good mix of chain stores and local niche stores.

Elverum library

Storgata 18, 2406 Elverum
62 43 30 90

Elverum library is open to everyone. Here you will mainly find books of all kinds, audio books, films on DVD and some music on CD, as well as newspapers and magazines.

The library also has five desktop public machines, and wireless internet is offered.

The library arranges various events such as genealogy, chess, hobby Saturdays, drawing lessons, book talks and book tips etc.

Other tips:

  • Glomma
  • Stavåsen
  • The clay
  • Ski stadium
  • Post hunting
  • Fishing
  • Geocaching
  • Starmoen air sports center
  • Cafes and nightclubs
  • The corps nest
  • The ax falls
  • Løkenstranda
  • The Taste Festival
  • The volume festival
  • The river room days
  • Hunting and fishing days
  • Disc golf - Elverum

Do you have tips on what should be on this list? Send email to eivind@elverumfhs.no.