Life at school

Weird adventure kick-off!

Yesterday started the tenth year with "Rare adventures" here at Elverum FHS. The students were divided into seven groups, across all the lines, who will set up their own performance.

The groups have each drawn their own adventure and their own song, which will be put together into an exciting and unique performance. The groups are made up of students from different lines, which makes this project both exciting and social. The performances are already on Thursday, shown for 4th graders.

In addition to the seven main groups, some of the students are divided into three other groups. The set design group, which is responsible for the set design, is in full swing making props and decorating the scary tunnel that the children will go through before the performance. The document group has begun work on taking photos, filming and updating the school's social media. It was an unusually long Sunday for most people yesterday, and therefore everyone appreciated the fact that the serving group presented freshly baked waffles to the whole gang. This week, the serving group will make it extra enjoyable for the other students, among other things by serving snacks and goodies.

Already the first day we got started a lot. In group 5, where student council leader Arthur is group leader, they made the first draft of the script, planned props, found costumes, and can now concentrate on perfecting their play. Arthur says he has relatively good control, and that he is more reassured today than he was yesterday, at the start of the project.

It's good we have a different week like this, where we can build a big project, and I'm excited about how much people change the pieces, how much they dare to stretch and bend…

…he says. His own group has created a more modern version of Karius and Baktus. He's excited to see some student humor. Arthur himself has one of the main roles, and says that although not everyone is as used to the stage as he is, these have also been given an important role on stage, namely as teeth.

After an effective day, with a lot of work, the students are ready for a week with lots of fun waiting!

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