Life at school

Weird Adventure Day 3

Stage rehearsal, music rehearsal, theater make-up and other fun!

The students at Elverum Folk High School start the day with "words for the day" in the lecture hall at 08:00. With one of the famous Dr. Schnill music videos as a fun start to the day, everyone was ready to get started.  

Today, all the groups had a review of the scenes, to see if everything went according to plan. After they had reviewed the scenes, there was a crash course in theatrical make-up. Later in the day, make-up tests were carried out, to practice for the performance.  

The documentation group worked on documenting everything through vlogging, blogging, instagram, facebook and photography. Among other things, a blog post was written about a crash course in theater make-up, with an interview with theater teacher Beate. Scenography works with making props, "adventure tunnel" and making shows. See gallery further down.

While everyone was getting ready for the day and ready for the premiere in 3 days, the serving group worked on making waffles for everyone. Everyone was happy to be served waffles for supper. In the evening it was a movie night with popcorn. It was possible to choose between 3 films, the Hip-hop musical "Hamilton", "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "Across the universe".   

- Written by Anette in Dokumentgruppa

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