Rare Adventure Day 2

Costume rehearsals, script writing, concert with Viken FHS and other fun!

 The students at Elverum Folk High School started the day with "Words for the day" in the lecture hall at 08:00. We usually start a little later on Mondays, but in the lecture hall there were still only happy and motivated faces to be seen. 

Already early in the morning, the stage groups were fully engaged in costume rehearsal down in the costume rooms. Teacher Beate helped all the students find the right costumes and the atmosphere was great. All seven groups got to try on different outfits, and the adventure thus came one step closer to perfection. Both Little Red Riding Hood, Askeladden and Ulven were visiting.  

With only 4 days left until the premiere, all the groups got a lot to do, but fortunately everyone took the challenge head on. The documentation group had to juggle vlogging, blogging, instagram, facebook and photography all at once. Fortunately, the team got another episode of "Rare Adventures" in the box, as well as several posts on instagram and facebook. 

The serving group took a proper skipper, and in a short time the group decorated the entire fireplace room with nice candles, balloons and other decorations. In addition, they baked buns for all the students. 

Last but not least, the scenography group members worked closely with their own individual groups and provided them with the props they needed. In addition, the group got to decorate much of the "adventure tunnel", which they have high ambitions for. 

By noon, almost all the stage groups had finished their own script. This year, as last year, the performance will only be performed internally at the school. Therefore, the groups have been strictly told that the script should be kept top secret!  

When a long day finally came to an end, everyone got a big surprise. Suddenly the fireplace room filled with students from Viken Folkehøgskole who were ready to serve a great show! 

Elverum Folkehøgskule got backwards when the talented musicians started the concert. What a night! 

- Written by Dokumentgruppa

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