Theme week

Pangstart on theme week - Rare Adventures for the 13th year in a row!

The day got off to a flying start when Elverum Folkehøgskule started with "Rare adventures" for the thirteenth year in a row. The students were divided into seven groups, across the lines. In just five days, the groups will each perform their unique adventure in a big performance.

Everyone was excited about what the week would bring. The groups each drew their own adventure and their own song, while in the background an intense drum vortex was heard from the students. The brainstorming started quickly, and immediately all the groups had a plan. Some weirder and slower than others. The fairy tales are usually performed in front of children in Elverum, but due to a local corona eruption is unfortunately not possible this year. Maybe for the benefit of the students - even more freedom and leeway in the plays?

In addition, the students were also divided into 3 other groups, which have different roles throughout the week. The documentation group will work on documenting the theme week, by creating content for blogs, vlogs, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. The scenography group will work with an "adventure tunnel" and props. The serving group has the task of creating a good atmosphere, and has planned various activities for the rest of the gang.

Each evening ends with an activity organized by the school. Tonight it was "Rockeulven and the seven goat kittens in Hedmark" staged by Elverum children's music theater. The performance was inspiring and gave several of us courage.
We are looking forward to a strange and expensive adventure week!

Written by Ida Jacobsen and Emma Moen Kristensen
Documentation group 2021

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