Diet & Mask + General Samples! Weird Adventures continue

Now the performances are fast approaching, and the students are getting ready for rehearsals.

With a lot of rehearsal behind them, the groups are now ready to show off their performances. The last of the finishing touches has been done, and there is an excited group waiting to show off what they have been working on the last few days!

As I said, the dress rehearsal is the last review before the real performances. All the groups have made creative productions, and it seems to be a brilliant result. Costumes, props, lights and sound are ready, and everyone is looking forward to showing the audience!

The serving group has baked muffins, which the children will get before the performance, and the tunnel that the scenography group has made is completely finished.

There has been a full program on stage and in the makeup room all day. Tonight, a film will be shown in the lecture hall, and the students are ready for a quiet evening. Tomorrow there will be a full house of performances, which seems to be a great show!

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