Theme week

Terrific folkhighschoolympics!

This year's theme week has entered the history books. Here are the movies - and a little recap.

It has been a dream week from start to finish. From the opening show with sound, light, film and pyro - to the end with couple dancing, ice bathing and the premiere of the exercise "Capture the flag" in an Olympic context.

It has not been long between the highlights. We have had marathons and collected over NOK 230 for assistance - in just over a day! We have arranged competitions in limbo, lightning chess, poker, Nintendo Wii, on mini skis and on sled mats. There have been laughter, cheers and tears.

The students have stood together in their countries in thick and thin, and despite challenges, there has been jubilation for last places, first places, fourth places and for second place.

But there has also been emotion, anger and frustration. We take this on the "take it seriously account". Because it is absolutely fantastic that we can arrange nonsense-ol, and get so much engagement from 130 students in a slightly too big t-shirt.

Another highlight that is worth highlighting is Thursday's Pardans. 13 couples tried their hand at the dance floor, before Marina and Philip finally pulled the longest straw.

The closing day on Friday started with ice bathing, where the students got to try the bathing temperature in Sagtjernet.

In the end, it was the country of the Democratic Republic of Sapetistan that ran away with the generous hiking trophy.

Finally, a summary video:

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