The tenth Folk High School Olympic Games have opened!

Light, sound and pyro kicked off the Olympic theme week.

On Saturday, all students were divided into eight groups - or "land". The groups invented their nationality, made a name for their country and designed national team uniforms in the national color.

On Sunday, work continued in the countries to register athletes for a number of different exercises - from lightning chess and poker to doubles, mini ski sprint and kick relay. In addition, the whole country will during the week pose for "Capture the flag", limbo, ice bathing and construction competition with spaghetti and marshmallows.

The countries themselves must work with motivation, division of tasks and tactics. Team spirit and unity were topics ahead of the theme week, and remain the focus throughout the week.

The Folk High School Olympic Games were kicked off with torchlight processions, marches and speeches. The Folk High School Olympic Committee was responsible for lighting the Folk High School fire, before a terrific sound, light, pyro and video show took over the facade of the main building.

The first two exercises of the games took place the same evening. In the main hall, the list was laid low, and the students got to test their flexibility in limbo.

Then the engineering skills were put to the test as the tallest tower and longest bridge with marshmallows and spaghetti were to be constructed.

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