Life at school

Opening, fireworks, limbo and marshmallows!

Eight countries. 16 exercises. One cup. The World's Ninth Folk High School Olympics is underway!

On Sunday, the annual Elverum Folk High School Olympics - the world's most recent folk high school Olympics as far as we know - started with a bang at Elverum Folk High School.

Or rather, with a whole bunch of bangs. After IOC members Gaël and Anna declared the games open, the fireworks hovered over the main building and lit up in the dark. The same thing made 130 combat-ready students with torches and newly developed national costumes completely brand new Olympic nations.

On Saturday, the students spent inventing their own country, with important background material such as language, motto, population, most important exports, currency, form of government, name of political leader, indigenous people, flag, national costumes, etc. The countries are composed of students from different lines and different house groups.

Limbo was the players' first exercise, and all students were automatically enrolled. And it was Blue Balls Nation with Rune and Synnøve who ran away with gold and silver, ahead of Idunn in bronze.

Body control and flexibility were replaced by ingenuity and engineering skills as the countries competed to make the tallest tower and longest bridge span with spaghetti and marshmallows, a competition in which Flaming Dorito Republic ran away with the gold ahead of Nigganda and Blue Balls Nation - after a very exciting rock, scissors, paper final.

Tomorrow it is ready for the aid marathon for 28 hours to income for Elverum Folk High School's aid projects!

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