Theme week

28 hours assistance marathon

In theory, the task is simple: choose an activity. Do it as long as you can. Get sponsors. In practice, there are 28 hours of fun, weariness and fatigue and creative assistance. And it's far from easy to last.

Many small streams…

08.30 Monday morning carried loads of energy drinks, snacks and equipment feverishly around the school. The students have chosen one of the following activities, and will continue for as long as they can - a maximum of 28 hours.

  • Computer games
  • Board games
  • Film production
  • Dance
  • Study preparation
  • Knitting / crochet
  • Drawing / painting
  • Music
  • Ski

The goal is not just to see how enduring one can be. This is an aid marathon, and each student has obtained sponsors in advance from friends, acquaintances, family and companies. The sponsors contribute between NOK 1–20 per. hour. They can also give a fixed amount regardless of how long the student sits.

The result is proof on that «many streams small…». When the starting shot goes at 09.00, the students have a total hourly wage of NOK 6907. The funds will go to our development assistance projects.

Creative assistance

Elverum Folk High School has established the Rwenzori Elverum Education Center (REEC) in Kasese, western Uganda. In addition, we are helping a school in Bwera, closer to Congo, in the sixth year and have built a school / kindergarten for the San people in Namibia.

Today there are close to 800 students at the three departments at REEC - nursery, primary and secondary, and about 200 students at Rena School (Bwera). In total, it is approx. 40 employees. In connection with REEC, a sports facility has also been built with activities for the entire Kasese. There is a football team - FC Bronken - which also has activities for the deaf. In recent years, we have established an extensive agricultural project in connection with the school with 30 new jobs. 100% of the funds raised each folk high school year go to these projects. All administration costs and the like are covered by Elverum Folk High School.

This year's goal is new water supply for the cultural projects in the mountains, refurbishment of the boarding school for secondary school with beds and mattresses, as well as a new food warehouse and van for agriculture. The Africa line at the folk high school visits Kasese in March 2021.


The students are distributed on their respective «bases». Each hour is divided into 50 minutes of work, and 10 minutes break. Meals are also served during breaks. For the occasion, breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening are supplemented with two rounds of night food: spring rolls and sausages.

The first hours go by. There is music and a good atmosphere. It's bright outside. At 17, more than NOK 00 has been collected.

When evening comes, more people notice that it is becoming more tiring to motivate themselves. The groups push each other and take different measures. When the night is up, the coffee pots go away. Some run barefoot around the school during breaks. Some dive into the snow to wake up. At 00.00, the amount has risen to over NOK 100!

When daylight comes back after the night many get a new boost. There are only 7 hours left. 4 hours left. At 12.00, the amount is NOK 177.


13.00 we can let go of the jubilation. Over 100 of the students have stood the test of time. A total of NOK 233 has been collected.

Just take off your hat - and plunge into bed. Thanks, and slept well.

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