Snowboard / Freeski skater - Photo taking photo series

Today, the gang on boards and skis had the paparazzi from photos in tow. First in the gym, then in the new skate park in Brummunddal.

Those in the photo who wanted to take part in the tour plan got to try their hand at the mat with rolls, dives, somersaults and coordination, before we moved on to the trampoline and the foam pit.

The rest of the gang was responsible for documentation…

From action to set up
In the skate park, the photography students were to take photo series and portraits. When you want to make good series, you have to think variety, and take everything from overview photos to close-ups. It was a good exercise in seeing opportunities, talking to the person you are following, arranging, planning and taking everything from action photos to set-up portraits.

The result was tough series, and two new posters to decorate our fireplace room!


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