Backpacker / Extreme sports

Backpacker / Extreme sports and Snowboard / Freeski test weather and waves on Jæren

After many hours of driving, Jæren's beautiful meadows opened up for us at 21 pm, Monday night. Patient students checked into Boretunet, jumped into bed (hope the teachers), to get ready for a magical day at the beach.

Marius (photographer) and Halvor (blogger) are teachers, and on this trip, also drivers. We chose to drive the E18 to Kristiansand and the E39 on to Jæren. The trip was long, but the roads good.

The youth, according to what I have dug out, is that they are enjoying themselves and are exhausted. Constant work in the water wears out muscles we did not know we had, so after two long, nice days on the beach, it will be nice to have a quiet movie night. Some do not give up, and throw themselves into the waves another trip tonight, Wednesday.

Tomorrow is the last day here at Jæren. We brave the rain, as we did today, and surf until about 14 pm, before we turn our noses home.

Very happy to get to know the gang better, they are inclusive and good with each other and us. Two things I want to highlight are cooking and cleaning up. The boys made pizza on Tuesday and the girl tacos today, both days the kitchen looked ironed after the feasts (backpackers), while Snowboard / Freeski shopped (according to budget) and cooked in their own food groups! Good stuff.

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