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About being brave

Courage is a trait we all want, because it can give us the good feeling of self-respect.

Self-respect makes us proud and happy inside and it increases motivation, profit, spark of life, passion, optimism and inner peace. With courage in your backpack, you strengthen your self-esteem and you can act despite nervousness or fear. By being brave, you can use any unpleasant opportunity to grow and build a feeling of mastery.

Taking life into one's own hands sometimes requires courage. We need courage to act when it feels like life has hit us. We need courage to be able to be superheroes and stand up for ourselves when sadness dominates the emotional life. And we need courage to be able to follow the heart's search for new and exciting challenges, which are often outside our own comfort zone. In the face of something uncomfortable, one often feels a lack of control or coping ability. The body activates stress reactions, and if you turn into the cowardly lion in The Wizard of Oz - what in the world do you do then?

We humans are often afraid to be brave! We are also afraid to be afraid! YES, it's uncomfortable to be scared. YES, it is uncomfortable to be outside the comfort zone. But if you are going to wander around safely inside your small, safe comfort zone all your life, you will not get anywhere!

You will not move on because there is little development inside your comfort zone. Maybe nothing!

It's scary to take action when a relationship starts to get destructive and difficult. It's scary to become in love with someone. It's scary to change jobs. It's scary to realize that you're not happy with your life.

When you're scared, it means additional a lot for you, and then the victory tastes additional good when you win. When you win over yourself! Be brave for yourself! It's your choices, your life and not least your comfort zone!

You are brave when you finally dare to speak out against your loved ones, you are brave when you dare to let people know that something is not good enough if you buy food / drink and it is not as it should be - and you are brave when you Tell your thoughts and feelings to another.

The moral is: Be brave and dare to be afraid too! These two properties will push you out of an inhibiting comfort zone, and it is of the the opportunities lie! You are responsible for your own happiness and you are responsible for the life you live.

I wish you a brave day, with extended comfort zone.

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