Word of the day

Nothing unsaid

Be your own caretaker!

A different Easter is over. A different year enters the final phase. We continue to try to give you refills in everyday life. Today I want to introduce you to a beautiful book by a beautiful girl who went to school last year, namely Sabina Store-Ashkari. Her collection of poems is called "nothing unsaid" and was published on March 26, 2020. These last 6 pages of the book have the following content that can relate well to everyone in a challenging period of life. Have a nice day and become your own caretaker!

shards of glass show you
that you do not have to
to be whole
to be able to

holds on
in myself
to never
let go

that time
it was a bit like
the light in me
and none
correctly understood
how to
replaced bulb
so then I had to
fumble me forward
in the dark
and be mine
own caretaker

I'm a mess
so I
you are in chaos
you replied

you know
the little voice
which says that it
not even
is a joke to
before you
will never come
to be
good enough anyway
I was just going to say
that the voice there
it's lying

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