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Not a moment

Some people walk by our side all their lives. Some people go by our side from 1st grade to 10th grade and are our friend because we happened to end up in the same grade. Some people are our closest for several years.

Some people are our closest for a year. Some a month, some a week, some just an hour.

Maybe you are sitting on the train from Trondheim to Oslo next to a nice person and have an interesting and nice conversation on the way. Maybe you pull apart at the last station and never see each other again.

Maybe you meet a person who becomes your girlfriend. Maybe you'll be together for a few months, maybe for a few years. Maybe for many years. 3 years, 8 years, 20 years, 60 years.

Maybe you get to know a person you spend a lot of time with. Gradually you get to know each other better, share sorrows and joys, experience things together. See each other at the top, but also at the bottom. Maybe this person will be your closest friend.

No one knows exactly how long a relationship will last. And nothing, neither relationships nor situations, remains exactly the same forever. But if it ends, it really only means that it will change. It will be something new. And even if it does not last forever, it does not have to say anything about how valuable the relationship or situation was.

Time is relative. Time may pass slowly when you take a test in a subject you do not like, but time passes quickly when you have fun with friends. The time you feel good goes fast, the time you feel good goes slowly.

My wise grandfather sometimes says "it's only a tiny moment we walk here on earth". And in that he is absolutely right. We tend to think we have such a good time. We think ahead - As long as it's a weekend now, then I'll be fine. Or, when I complete this task, then I can feel good. Or, as long as I achieve my goal, then I will be happy.

How will you use the time allotted to you? And not least, who do you want to spend time with? Who gives you energy? Who accepts you, can you stand for both your best and worst?

Today's challenge is to think through which people you want to share this tiny moment you are here on earth with. And to take care of those relationships. Who gives you joy, the right resistance, dares to ask you difficult questions, endures you, accepts you, builds you up and is good for you? And not least, what do you have to do to keep these special people, who you may not meet every day?

Song: Real Ones and Stein Torleif Bjella with the appropriate song title Ei Ørlita Stund.

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