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Norwegian: Canoe trip by Kynna, gapahuk and nying

How to set up two tents for 16 people? How to stay warm, even when the temperature is cool and rainy? What food should you eat when you are on a trip? How do you keep the mood up, even if the rain is pouring down?

These are questions Norwegian - Culture / Adventure found the answers to during the two trips they went on last week. The first trip was to Kynna, a watercourse in Finnskogen.

Canoe to Introduce

We loaded the bus with equipment, food, canoes, tents, stoves, firewood, sleeping bags and sleeping pads. The weather was cool and gray, but the mood was great! The first thing the students did was set up the tents. Two large tents, where eight were to sleep in each. The students put a tarpaulin in the bottom, then put in the oven before taking in sleeping pads, sleeping bags and bags.

When the tents were up, we drove some distance away with the canoes. The rivers carried the canoes down to the water, went out and paddled back towards camp.
Back at camp, they cooked soup with meat.

Norwegian Culture and Adventure learning how to put up tents 😎

Posted by Elverum Folk High School on Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Gapahuk and nying in the forest  

Trip number two went to the forest in Elverum, not too far from the school. We believe it is important to use the local area, because you do not have to go far to get great nature experiences! There the students learned to set up gapahuk and nying. The students set up two gapahuker against each other and made a new one lengthwise in between. Throughout the night, they had told guards, where two and two were responsible for looking after the fire.

A gapahuk is a construction that gives you shelter from rain and weather. Traditionally, people used to cover the gapahuken with a spruce bar, but today it is more common to use a tarp or tarpaulin. Tarp / tarpaulin is waterproof and protects the forest to a greater extent than if you use a spruce bar.

Innovation is a kind of boothl with several logs placed on top of each other so that it burns in the entire gap between them. 

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