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Exciting method on the Norwegian - Culture / Adventure line

Learn Norwegian with the method «suggestopedi».

In the Norwegian, Culture / Adventure line, students learn oral Norwegian as everyone learns their mother tongue. The parents talk to their child, play with them and make them repeat while the child feels that he is in a safe environment and is loved. Little by little and without effort, the child develops understanding and learns to speak. It comes naturally.

Suggestopedia is a language learning method developed over years of research by Professor Georgi Lozanov from Bulgaria.

The method is based on brain research on how we learn best and contains both psychological and didactic aspects.

Suggested therapy is a lot of student activity (80% - 20%) and the participants start using the language from the first lesson in activities that are designed so that everyone succeeds.

The language is practiced using the following cycle:

  • an oral introduction to the material we will review. (teacher speaks Norwegian and with the help of body language, pictures / drawings, the participants understand what is being conveyed, this arouses curiosity and motivation.
  • the participants get a complex dialogue that is exciting, imaginative and interesting. The text is in short lines with English translation line by line. (we give them the whole picture)
  • concert reading to classical music, (teacher reads the dialogue while the participants follow and at the same time sees the English translation up close.)  
  • choral reading to classical music (everyone reads aloud in chorus, ie no one is exposed to unnecessary pressure)
  • we take out parts of the dialogue and do exercises that automate the language.
  • we have wall posters with words and phrases found in the dialogue (to peripheral perception)
  • synthesis (finally we gather the parts together again into a whole in the form of a text where words, phrases and expressions from the dialogue come again and the students experience that they have already learned and understand a lot of Norwegian).

The language is trained with music, song, rhythm, rap, movement, drawing and different types of games. Learning happens quickly and effortlessly. Humor, joy and relaxed concentration are important ingredients.

Here you see a game where we practice on the name of clothing. It's about putting the right word picture on the right picture. At the same time, the facade hangs somewhere on the wall or out in the hallway, so you will always succeed. We always work in groups, never alone.

For example, you can learn the name of clothes. Task; Put the correct word picture on the right picture. Afterwards, you tell each other what you are wearing. «I'm wearing… .. today». "What are you wearing?"
It is easy to learn the names of the colors when hanging on the wall

You also get a Norwegian roommate and have the opportunity to practice Norwegian all day long. It's just up to you.

At the beginning of the school year, we take you out of the joint subject lessons and have more Norwegian language learning so that you get a linguistic kickstart.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to sign up for the elective course «Language Café». Norwegian students gather here who want to help international students learn Norwegian faster. There is a teacher who facilitates the café and prepares language exercises, but you want your own mentor to guide and help you.

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