Norwegian, Culture / Adventure line runs Østerdalen up to Trondheim

We start on our last trip together and drive from Elverum to Trondheim. We stop to look at Stor- Elgen on Atna. It is 10,3 meters high and designed in polished stainless steel. It was the world's largest until those in Canada shot their elk's slightly longer horns. Now Atna Elgen is second largest and obviously happy with it. 😊We are told that the purpose of setting up Stor Elgen was to improve traffic safety. The idea is that interesting sculptures along the road up Østerdalen will keep motorists more awake and concentrated.

The next stop is Jutulhogget, a canyon in Alvdal and Rendalen municipality. It is 2,5 km long and has steep rock walls that are from 100 - 240 meters high. Legend has it that it was Rendalsjutulen who cut the mountain gorge with the intention of leading the river Glomma over into Rendalen. However, he did not succeed when Glomdalsjutulen killed him before he could complete the project. We mostly believe that this canyon was made by nature even during the ice age.

Furthermore, we visit Olavsgruva in Røros. Here we get a guided tour of Erik. He tells us about the mine and the city's history and we follow with excitement. After this we enjoy leisure in a sunny Røros.

Brita, Youri and Bodhi. Are we not nice?
We're on our way down to the mine
Oxidizing copper gets a beautiful blue-green color
Here the guve workers could eat and rest during their break. Here, perhaps Ricardo has taken on the task as foreman and makes sure that the break is not too long?
Well up in the open air again on the way to the center of Røros
Without food and drink… .. in Røros

The trip continues to Trondheim where Brita and Susan surprise the students by stopping the bus outside Scandic Nidelven, which has been voted Norway's best hotel breakfast. Will cheer in the bus. !!!!

In Trondheim, they thank us for leaving and of course we do

Monday morning after an indescribable breakfast, we go to the Archbishop's Palace where a fantastic guide, Jon, tells in a lively and entertaining way the story of Nidaros as Trondheim was formerly called. We get to see many of the original sculptures that have been on Nidaros Cathedral and also learn about the archbishop's courtyard and the history of the cathedral. Then we get a tour of the Cathedral and we even come down to the crypts under the dome. This is very exciting.

Nidaros Cathedral
In the Archbishop's Palace. The guide Jon served many "fun facts" - also about this lady here. She has a little secret lurking. Curious? … Then you need to talk to Jon
The guide Jon tells the story and shows us models of the Archbishop's Palace
Dreamteam makes a human knot and then ties it up again. The most obvious thing to do when you are outside in the Archbishop's Palace and waiting for friends who are visiting the toilet
Pictures from Nidaos Cathedral

Ricardo studies the story of the battle of Stiklestad when Olav the Saint was killed in 1030
Bodhi follows closely when the guide Jon takes us down to the basement and tells us about what is there.
Who is the figure that hovers behind the students? … ..Woooaaahhh… ..

See how happy we are! We soar by mere happiness. - (following instructions from Susan)

The students get as various tasks as they can do in their free time in the center of Trondheim before the five and five are locked in three escape rooms .. Here it is cooperation, communication, imagination and ingenuity that are needed to solve the tasks and get out before time runs out. This is challenging and fun. (The rooms are so secret that we can not show pictures from this)

Then it's ice time to celebrate that everyone got out

In the evening we eat pizza at Egon in Tyholt tower. It is a restaurant that is about 75 meters above the ground and rotates 360 degrees in one hour. We get a fantastic view of Trondheim city, Trondheimsfjorden and the surrounding area.

Shai and Youri have been given crayons and an activity book that they enjoy while Kaj has fun watching the playful boys.
Michel, Brita, Bodhi, Greta and Sebastien
Youri, Nina, Kari, Jack and Embla
Nina, Ricardo, Michel, Bodhi, Greta, Sebastien and Kari

Tomorrow we will visit the Rockheim Music Hall of Fame before we turn the bus west towards Ålesund. Stay tuned!