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Norwegian builds gapahuk, fires new ones and eats silpo!

Good tips to take with you on the road if you are going to sleep out in the woods one night.

Norwegian Adventure and Culture has learned some good tips for mastering outdoor life for a day in a typical Norwegian October. The students have learned how to get shelter from the weather and wind, cooking outdoors and how to make a long-lasting fire. The local area has a lot to offer, so with only a 30 minute walk from the school we arrived at the destination at Strandmoen.

Here the students gathered for the innovation. Innovation involves making a slightly different fire, consisting of two long, round and solid wooden poles. These must not be completely next to each other, because in the space you put flammable fuels, such as fists, twigs and wood chips. The advantage of this type of fire is that it lasts a long time - perfect if you are going to sleep outside. Remember firefighter!

Then you need shelter from the weather and wind. The students learned how to set up a gapahuk, consisting of felling waste and waterproof tarpaulin.

For dinner, we prepared Silpo on the fire - a dish that comes from Finnskogen. It consists of bacon, onions, potatoes and milk. The vegetarian version consists of onions, potatoes and peppers. Onions and bacon are fried in a pan over the fire before adding boiled potatoes. Finally, add a little whole milk together with pepper and a little salt.

For dessert - Patches with jam, fried in a pan on the fire. The patch tube is made from eggs, wheat flour, kefir, whole milk, sugar and baking soda.

Good campfire heat all night during the full moon.

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