Norwegian Adventure / Culture at Gudvangen

A journey in time, back about 1000 years. We took the trip to beautiful Njardarheimr and the Viking Age

At Gudvangen in Aurland municipality, is the Viking village Njardarheimr - which is a cultural-historical facility where you can learn about the Viking Age. Njardarheimr means the home of the Norse god Njord.

In Njardarheimr, the students were greeted by a very skilled Viking (guide) who took us into the Viking village. Here there were houses and streets, living Vikings who did their daily chores, Viking ships and living domestic animals that roamed around.

The Viking (the guide) told and showed how Vikings lived. The students got to see what kind of weapons the Vikings actually used, how the Vikings dressed and how they dyed yarn.

The students learned about the legal system they had, they got to try archery, checkers, Viking jackets and ax throwing. They also learned about the Norse gods, about the area around Njardarheimr and perhaps got a little taste of what life as a Viking could have been like?

Thank you for us, dear Njardarheim!

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