The music line uses "song generator" to make extremely short-distance music

What happens when you have to make a song in a limited time, but have to subtract title, genre, chords, words in the lyrics and time signature from a box? It will be a lot of creative fun!

A song generator is a system that determines for you various aspects of composing a song. The students were divided into smaller groups, and had to decide what the songs they were going to make contained. What was to be drawn was:

  • Title
  • Genre
  • Taktart
  • Chords
  • Words in the text
  • Mystery with a special challenge

The students were allowed to make one song during Wednesday, and two songs during Thursday. It provided good learning in being creative, using musical instruments, collaboration and performance of songs that have been given very limited time to practice. In summary, there were positive experiences around producing something under pressure, and that you have opportunities to move on if you are a little creative by creating a clear framework.

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